It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | “adjust the sails for the current wind”

This week in my offices we’ve been working to, as broker Kristin Munger coined – “adjust the sails for the current wind” thru getting really good at discovering the micro markets thru stats. As I prepped for today’s post I am also fully entrenched in planning for 2023 and as I sat with that quote today it is too reflective of the natural business planning season we are all in or will be shortly.

Today’s post is focused on two tools in planning...

As we play architect with our business planning, no one plan nor one planner works for all. I will offer my planner here for anyone ready to carve out time away from distraction and commit to you and your next year. This link will take you to my website – the planner lives under the resources tab.

And what about for those of you who are feeling anxious about the market? Windermere Eastlake co-manager Dina Harvey Jardine dusted off a power packed exercise this week with her brokers. And now it is in your hands – video here.

…ps, what came from Dina’s group now hangs on the wall by her desk. This is in lock step with the importance of writing things down (aka, a plan) yet equally (if not more) keep it visual for you as a reminder. I challenge anyone willing to plan for the New Year to keep what you pen handy and yes, another secret – share it with somebody – that keeps us on track!

Luck is what happens with preparation meets opportunity” I’m not sure who penned this quote yet I love it! Sharing in the season of planning with all of you. Where are the opportunities in 2023 for you? Wishing each of you a sprinkling of luck to see them all thru…

And, along the way – keep focused on what you can control.

All in, for planning. – Laura

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