Mics are still warm!…

This week’s sweep has kept my mics warm as I started in Bend, OR at the Genuine Hustle conference and wrapped this week with 3 of our esteemed colleagues that graced the stages, picked up another mic and dropped REAL & NOW knowledge…

Join me for an hour as we double down on environment & discoveries coming out of the 2023 Genuine Hustle conference. Or, better described today on mic as the “non-conference, conference.” Dave Jones, Nicole Mangina & Shawna Ader extend their go-giving stage presence with our overall commitment to continuing the REAL & NOW conversations with all of you…

Ep. 27 – right here.

Laura Smith | Windermere Real Estate Co. · Ep. 27 – Double Down – Genuine Hustle

And to the Mother’s Day weekend ahead – enjoy this PNW sunshine that has arrived!

Your fan, Laura

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