It’s Friday, a light let’s sweep!


It’s Friday, it is smoking hot – keeping this one a light sweep! Plus I have 30 people in roughly 2 minutes embarking upon my home for our son’s birthday party – both kids & adults should be well entertained. Enjoy this weekend in productive work & play everyone – I sure plan to.

This week, what have I noticed? In two hours, on a beautiful Seattle day, dockside –  roughly 70 of us got together and did some good. We’ll have a final tally in for the WRE Foundation next week. Tacos & Tequila’s was a blast, for those who joined – give us feedback for next year. Yup, I said next year – why not!?! I had a “top shelf” good time. Kelland Lindsey and Rob Graham (pictured below) were tasked with being our entertainment or at least drumming it up – after instruction from Tina (Tina, yup – the one that makes these events happen) they did a darn fine job! Thanks guys – you are hired for next year. Foundation tally will be shouted out next week…

IMG_1343 IMG_1341 IMG_1340 IMG_1338Tacos & Tequila Header

Tomorrow, we race! | Summer Splash is upon us – big thank you to so many that have yet again made this happen. It will be hot! If you are curious to see this boat in all of it’s glory – 11:45am is our heat. We’ll hit the starting line anticpating our two minutes of fame…and then back to our day jobs – which we happen to love!

IMG_1360 IMG_1353

That’s a wrap for this week, looking forward to next – here to help. Lots of good going on, and a whole lot more time in 2016 to create even more…here to help. By the way, if anyone would like to add my # in their phone – here you go, 206.227.7133 – another layer of support should you need it, anytime.

Kids are here…must run!

Laura Smith, General Manager | Windermere Real Estate Co + Northwest, Inc.


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