It’s Thursday, not Friday! | Let’s sweep early…


I know, it’s only Thursday – I’m breaking my Friday habit. Today feels like Friday to me – so why not! Preparing for a long holiday weekend + last go at family fun at our beach cabin before kids get back to their classrooms. By the way, what that means for all of us – school zones! In Washington State, speed limits in school zones are always 20 MPH. Recognized school zones also include roadway that extends 300 feet in any direction from a crosswalk. People are commonly ticketed for going only 5 MPH over the legal Washington school zone legal speed limit. I’ve been there, it is expensive. Hope this saves you a few bucks and better yet keeps our communities and little people very safe!

Labor Day + Computation of Time | When computing time for the purchase and sale agreement, please regard this Monday, September 5th as a legal holiday. Labor Day is a legal holiday under Washington law. Our offices will indeed be closed on Monday – playtime for everyone.

Selling Office Commissions – follow up | Last week I shouted out the “science” behind SOC’s – again, thank you Dan Givens for digging in. A follow up to this with respect to The Law of Real Estate Agency, specific to “Duties of a Buyer’s Agent.”…

  • Section 5: Duties of a Buyer’s Agent,     1.e.ii – “unless otherwise agreed to in writing after buyer’s agent had complied with RCW 18.86.030(1)(f), to make a good faith and continuous effort to find a property for the buyer; except that a buyer’s agent is not obligated to:
    • (i) seek additional properties to purchase while the buyer is a party to an existing contract to purchase; or
    • (ii) show property as to which there is no written agreement to pay compensation to the buyer’s agent.

***where I’m going with this – a reminder that your duties (per above) as a Buyer’s Agent is to make that continues effort to find a property for your buyer clients even if the SOC is something other than you expect it to be. Be careful here, this is the law and if brokers become aware you are not showing their listing(s) based on a SOC you could quickly become in very hot water with the DOL.  Happy to chat through this with anyone – wanted to shout out this reminder following our commentary from last week. Questions? Just ask your go to manager or me!***

Wire Fraud | This issue has not gone away – collectively let’s make sure we are all having this conversation with clients. We are in a position to help immensely via our education and communication! These next four minutes (video) with Annie Fitzsimmons will help us all protect the consumers…

  • Legal Hotline Fraud Alert | Click here  –  Annie Fitzsimmons describes a serious Nationwide threat known as a Wire Transfer Fraud Scam that results in Consumers losing funds.

License renewals | Mine is just about up and  every couple years I end up needing a few extra clock hours late in the game. One of my favorite way to knock those final hours out is to attend a day, half a day or a couple days at Pro Start. This is good relevant content no matter how long you’ve been in the business of real estate! Great reminders, refreshers, new content and very enthusiastic dedicated instructors. I always enjoy these final hours actually in the classroom. If that too interests you and you are looking for a few more hours – ProStart is next up September 12 – 16. Click here to see the playbook of topics and registration link. You can register for pieces of ProStart – this is my ultimate point here. Feel free to pick up the phone and give Professional Development a ring – an awesome group focused on us every single day and our continued development. 206.526.7612. Roughly 5 spots open for our September ProStart – fills up!

Ok, that’s a wrap for this week, prepping for next. As always, this content is specifically geared for you – Sand Point + Wedgwood + Northgate + Eastlake + Madison Park + Ballard – our six!  Enjoy this upcoming Labor Day weekend – jump into the last of summer +  find some play. And oh, Pac 12 football begins this weekend, me like lots! Bring on Fall (almost), football, crazy schedules and a strong finish to 2016, together.

Laura Smith, General Manager | Windermere Real Estate Co + Northwest, Inc.


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