It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | articulating your value + value wedge + flow fixes everything (well almost) + “doubling down” on our people + disco bingo + love


It’s Friday and I’ve been digesting our time with Larry Kendall this week. For those of who you joined us, a little recap today in what I found to be valuable take-a-ways (for many, reminders!) + for those who couldn’t join – sure hope these digestible bites will play a role in your real estate playbook – and maybe even inspire a bit! And if you need help, just ask – we all want to help.


At a glance for this week > articulating your value + value wedge + flow fixes everything (well almost) + “doubling down” on our people + disco bingo + love (being that Valentines day is indeed next week)  – ok, let’s sweep this week…

Articulating Your Value | Customers seek value. Money flows to value. If we understand this we understand how important it is to “show” our value. This week with Larry, he provided us with a powerful question which in my opinion could change the way you approach your value proposition and conversation with Sellers moving forward. Ponder this question…

“Do you believe your home will sell for a fixed price, or do you believe there is a range of value based on the marketing and negotiation skill of your Realtor?”You.

&/or, based on us being in this fierce Seller’s market…

“In this kind of market, your greatest expense is often the money you don’t make. Are you looking to save money or make money? Great marketing & negotiating will make you money.”You.

(*your manager has the entire playbook for walking a Seller through this fee conversation*)

Your Value Proposition | What is your “value wedge?” + do you know how to “show it.” I’ve drawn this out at a visual. If I were sitting down with a Seller, I’d take a pen + piece of paper + draw this out and then “show” in my strategic plan what items are my unique value proposition. Keep the above question in mind and map this out. There is you (the broker) + there is your prospect (seller/buyer) + there is your competition + there is value parity (aka, what everyone is going to do) + then, there is your value wedge (aka, your unique value proposition).


“Flow” fixes everything | A little golden nugget from this week as a reminder. As we are awaiting a hopeful dam to break in inventory, a good time to remind ourselves to be in action. This is the “ninja” playbook. I’ve taken a broker through this playbook for one year and he tripled his income. TSW (this. stuff. works) – if we are accountable to it. p.s. – I’m always game to talk through any of this, just ask!


…gratitudes/affirmations + show up, stay on you agenda + write 2 personal notes (fyi, upwards to $100 in perceived value to each recipient!) + focus on hot list + focus on warm list


…make customer service calls + schedule 2 real estate reviews + 50 live interviews/contacts + update database

Pop quiz! What weekly activity creates the highest ROI (return on investment)? ***put your answer in the comments section of this blog! A prize to you for the right answer.

“Double Down” on our people | I can not let this week go by without sharing two articles about our people. It is a reminder that this real estate profession fuels all types of passions – every “why” unique as the individual. I continue to be fascinated by our people. Very proud of both of these write-ups! (click on the name below for a good read!)…

Sol Villarreal (Eastlake) | ‘Last Week in Trump’ newsletter aims to offer ‘the best of both bubbles’  – The Seattle Times

Leslie Ota (Sand Point)  – “How This Female Entrepreneur Walks Her Positive Talk Every Day, Literally” – Forbes | p.s. Posie Turner donates 10% back to the Windermere Foundation if you use your windermere email address! Pretty darn cool. I wore my “good karma” socks this week!

That’s a wrap on this week. And yes, my podcast gear is ordered and should arrive on Valentines Day – a gift to me and a hopeful gift to us! Look out, you might hear from me soon as I work to map out more “ideas worth spreading”! If you have ideas you’d like to share or hear about, I’m all ears. Give me a shout! 206.227.7133 (feel free to add that into your contacts – that is my cell.)

And oh…getting ready for both Wedgwood’s client event tonight – Disco Bingo at The Brig  + Eastlake’s office party – celebrating all things good! My boots for disco bingo just arrived and a little “love” from Peggy Frasse (Eastlake) – should be an incredible night!


Shout if you need anything, here to help – the ultimate goal…

Laura Smith, General Manager | Windermere Real Estate Co.

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5 thoughts on “It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | articulating your value + value wedge + flow fixes everything (well almost) + “doubling down” on our people + disco bingo + love

  1. Tracie McGovern says:

    So good ~ thanks as always!!! Love the fact you keep letting them know you’re available and call!!!

    You’re wonderful.



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