It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | q&a + brain tatoos + 2017 nwmls forms revisions (coming) + presidents’ day + fun


Welcome to Friday of a long upcoming holiday weekend! Have a great one in both productive work + play. Ok, let’s take a quick sweep…

How’s the market? Continuing my pursuit in sharing a few golden nuggets from Larry Kendall last week – let’s throw this in here for discussion. The infamous “How’s the market” question…

How do you respond when asked? A few helpful tips…

  • What not to say…”there’s not inventory” or “I’m so busy”
  • Instead, say…”what have you noticed?” or “what part of the market are you interested in?” See where I’m going with this? Great questions elicit great information. The Socratic method in understanding what someone is actually asking you and prepares you for a better response.

Brain tattoos from Robin Sharma…

“An addiction to distractions will be the death of your creative production.”

“We live in a world where focus is more valuable than your intelligence.”

Interested in digging deeper here?

If so, carve out the next 12 minutes and hang out with Robin Sharma…

Click here – A method to x100 your productivity

Yes indeed, 2017 NWMLS Form revisions are coming…new Forms will be hosted on Transaction Desk and rolled out for us to use on February 23rd. Let’s work to get ahead of what is coming our way. The homepage of the NWMLS has all the goods – Legal Bulletin 209 and my favorite, you can pull the “red-lined” forms in a PDF version and actually SEE what is going to be changed. ***No doubt your office will break these down with you – in the meantime for those that would like to get ahead of what is to come…

Click here to watch Annie Fitszimmons break a few of the changes down

***Again, the revised Forms will be published for use on February 23rd***

Presidents’ Day | It’s upon us – when computing time for the purchase and sale agreement, please regard Monday, February 20th as a legal holiday. Presidents’ Day is a legal holiday under Washington law. Our offices will be closed.

…Ok, off to go play in the snow with the family for the long holiday weekend…we certainly enjoyed celebrating LOVE this week! And how could I not add a few highlights from WW’s client disco bingo party +  EL’s office party to wrap up this week – too good! All part of our “Do It Well. Make It Fun” mantra…

happyvdayhappyvday3     happyvday2discobingo2discobingodiscobingo3

Shout if you need anything, here to help – the ultimate goal…

Laura Smith, General Manager | Windermere Real Estate Co.

FridaysWithLaura_Web Banner R3

Ballard + Eastlake + Madison Park + Northgate + Sand Point + Wedgwood


…and a Happy Valentine’s day from my family to yours…


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