It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | an idea worth spreading + big kid toys + sound bite from demco + let’s battle + a field trip


I’m up early, “sweeping” this week, excited for the today – heck, I like Fridays. Although real estate as we know it is 7 days a week – people in general seem to like Fridays. I always anticipate and enjoy Ballard’s “annual meeting” – it’s today – something that has been a tradition dating back – well, way longer than I’ve been around. I also get to meet up with all the in-city owners today. We do this sort of thing with the intentions of collaboration and hitting on all in-city hot topics, together. Pretty darn cool.

As we sweep this week, let’s go back to January 23rd for a quick moment – our WRE Co kick off event. Remember what it was all about? “Ideas worth Spreading” + with a focus on doubling down on our people – yup, aka – you. This week I was introduced to an idea I believe is very much worth spreading and can be implemented right away – by anyone. Ready for it? Here you go…

THINK about  the client experience you provide. THINK about your clients purchasing a home. What happens as we get close to closing? Where does the focus go – for the client? –  A walkthrough process? A giant pile of closing documents? Escrow? A focus on money? A key conversation? Coordinating their actual move? When was the last time you purchased a home and moved? Think about your experience and then ask yourself (put your broker hat on know) this question…

What would happen in your business and for your clients if you scheduled to meet with your clients in their new home on day 3 post Closing and again, one week after that?

…what if this was part of your Buyer process? What if you shared this with them early in the process? Who else is speaking to post Closing items…and actually doing them? What if your clients knew they will see the whites of your eyes on this 3rd day and again one week out? Might they feel a little relieved that they have a landing spot for any outstanding items? Might they feel the experience you provide is bar none? This is different than our post closing calls. This is real, this is scheduled, this is anticipated, this is full service. And yes, might this time invested create a closing process different, impactful, beyond commodity that would too naturally generate referrals? I think so. This action goes well beyond the closing gift.

…and yes, we’ll be taking these ideas to my “double down” podcast soon enough. Remember when I stood on stage and promised another vehicle in communication in 2017 – it’s getting closer. I researched what I needed, crafted my intent and goals, purchased the equipment and spent a day playing with my new big kid toys…next stop, an office near you + to try this whole concept out – with our people. This is total “Slight Edge” stuff – FWL meets microphones, one bite at a time – can’t wait.



A sound bite from Demco…on the delivery of resale certificates prior to mutual acceptance. There was rumor of Demco’s stance on this waffling a bit.  No waffling here – let’s spell it out. However, do keep in mind “reasonably minded attorneys” may see this differently – Lars breaks that down for us too – specifically in how to handle – aka, best practices:

“I strongly believe that if a seller provides a buyer with a resale certificate prior to mutual acceptance the buyer’s right to declare the contract void does not expire until 5 days after mutual acceptance. I have conceded that there are reasonable minded attorneys who see it differently than me. To account for that I think the best way to deal with this issue is for a buyer to assume that they only have 5 days from receipt to terminate and for a seller to assume the buyer has 5 days from mutual to terminate. If a buyer has cold feet after mutual they can go to an attorney like me to make the case for an extended termination period.

I have not changed my opinion on waiver either. I think there is a really good chance that a buyer’s voluntary waiver of the right to terminate could be rescinded because the Condo Act does not permit waiver of Condo Act rights in general. I have no doubt that if a seller or listing broker requested buyer waiver in order for buyer’s offer to be considered that the buyer could rescind the waiver. Similar to the other issues, it’s best for a seller to assume the buyer has 5 days from mutual acceptance to terminate.” – Lars E. Neste, Demco Law Firm, P.S.

Want to battle some more on issues like this? Quick reminder of the upcoming Battle of the Barristers! I grabbed my spot, join me? Click here for all the details…


Fun side note from this week! Yesterday I took a field trip to Bainbridge Island. Piled into my car half of my mom’s knitting group (oh yes I did) – aka, “the cultured purls” – oh my, what a day + what a site. Keep in mind I’ve never once picked up a knitting needle myself – that said, we were on a mission though…to deliver 13 knit hats created by this group to Ty Evans of our Bainbridge office. Each holiday season Ty partners with Bainbridge Island’s Churchhouse Yarns & Teas and invites her people for some wine, cheese and to pick up a hat pattern with the fixings to complete a hat. Where do these hats then go? I kid you not, Ty hits the streets of Seattle to find homeless in need of some warmth. I got wind of this, connected with Ty about a knitting group I know and the rest was history! Yesterday, we delivered the goods. And of coarse, Ty had a brand new listing on the island so we showed up there to surprise her and toured a waterfront beauty. What a story, what a day, certainly an “idea worth spreading” – knit + purl + give. P.S. I still haven’t tried on the sport of knitting (if you were wondering) yet I’m a darn good designated driver for the “cultured purls”! Ty + the ladies…


Ok, let’s enjoy our Friday! Hope you grabbed a digestible bite to put in practice this next week. Shout if you need anything, here to help – the ultimate goal! 206.227.7133 c.

Laura Smith, General Manager | Windermere Real Estate Co.

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2 thoughts on “It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | an idea worth spreading + big kid toys + sound bite from demco + let’s battle + a field trip

  1. Gerry McBarron says:

    Hey Laura – Thank you so much for posting Lars Neste’s clarification on the Condo Resale Certificate waiver matter. As a broker who does a lot of condo business this helps – a lot! Happy Friday.


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