It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | February talking points + pulling together + an email hack + a celebration


Ok, it’s Saturday indeed. Let’s sweep anyway! Instead of writing yesterday I was wrapped up in all parts of this March madness, aka market – “all hands on deck” – if you will. With a clear head, prepped for the weekend I’m ready to sweep with you. Here we go at a glance > February talking points (the science) + WRE in-city pulling together (hotsheet/tour) + an email hack you should know about + celebrating my mentor (and many of yours)…

The Seattle Science, February 2017

Reminder: this site is now password protected | March password: wremarch (not case sensitive)

(NOTE: below, I’ve referenced the page numbers that correlate with these talking points)

A sneak peek for you in our February Talking points. I wrapped these up late yesterday and have submitted for posting on windermerestats – here we go…

  • Seattle Months Supply of Inventory is at 3 weeks or .6 months (page 1) is the lowest ever since we started tracking in 1998.
  • Second lowest number residential and condo for sale (470 page 1) since 1998. Lowest was two months ago, December 2016 (438)

As a result…

  • As a result…48% of properties sold for more than list price (page 3). Same as this time last year.
  • 67.5% of properties sold with less than 15 days on market with a median price 4% above the list price (page 5).
  • Closed median sales price rose 10% from $554,225 to $610,000 in Seattle (page 1)

Buyers who have waited to purchase…

  • Buyers who waited the last 12 months to buy a house will pay $55,775 more and their interest rate will have increased from 3.66% to 4.17% (page 5)
  • Buyers lost $38,875 of purchasing power on the median price home ($610,000) because of the interest rate increase from 3.66% to 4.17%.
  • Statistics to Know was added as page 6 to our reports by request of several brokers.

Why oh why have I added back in a picture of our Windermere boat practicing for last summer’s Summer Splash event? Partly because I’m ready to be back in shorts and a tank. Secondly as a visual of what our Seattle owners are looking to accomplish – pulling together. Each month we are now getting together to pull together on big juicy topics – The Windermere Way. First on the agenda worth shouting out this month – our Windermere Monday hotsheet & tour. Your managers will be talking about this at your office meetings on how we are going to get back into the boat, keep this top of mind and swing our oars in unison. This is what the playbook looks like…with the overarching goal of consistency and showing the power of our market share and collaboration.
All offices pull WRE hotsheet at 10am (no earlier)
Broker must be there or have another broker hosting
Use new WRE hotsheet as our tool
Articulate with your Seller the value! *need help with this, just ask!*
*some brokers have started using NWMLS for Monday tour – instead, our focus is getting all of our new listings back to WRE hotseet
Curious what offices are represented in these owner meetings pulling together? Our six, Lakeview, Green Lake, Capital Hill, Wall Street, Magnolia, West Seattle, Queen Anne, Greenwood, Mount Baker, Northwest
Let’s pull together, promote it and live it. This stuff works.
 An email hack I think you might want to know about. Sam DeBord from Coldwell Banker Danforth had his email hacked and brokers are receiving emails with subject: Listing Offer. When you open the email it says “Here is an offer from my client. If you have any questions or need anything don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I look forward to working with you.”  ***additionally there is a PDF attached. DO NOT click on the attachment, delete this email if you receive it. It is not real. It then goes on to ask for passwords etc…consider yourself warned!
A celebration this week! This picture says so much. Matt Carrol, Mike Gannon and John Jacobi. I had a chance to celebrate Matt Carroll’s retirement this week – Matt hired me to Windermere and then proceeded to have a phenomenal influence on me these last 16+ years. He has done so for many and I wish he and his wife Maggie the best of what is to come in their next chapter. I took away two things from this evening – 1. always have fun, always and 2. I am grateful to be surrounded by our Windermere people. We do what we do in a way that is hard to describe in words. You might point to our core values – relationships + professionalism + collaboration + community. Yes, that does it. Beyond that I suppose it’s how we live out these four things – the nature of us rowing together which I spoke to earlier in this post. What comes to mind is a passage from the inspiring book, by Daniel James Brown, “Boys in the Boat.”   He tells the improbable story of how, in 1936, the eight-oar men’s crew team from the University of Washington came from nowhere to become the very best rowing team in the world.
“Swing is a kind of “fourth dimension of rowing” — hard to achieve and hard to define.  “Many crews, even winning crews never really find it. … It only happens when all eight oarsmen are rowing in such perfect unison that no single action by any one is out of synch with those of all the others. … Sixteen arms must begin to pull, sixteen knees must begin to fold and unfold, eight bodies must begin to slide forward and backward, and eight backs must bend and straighten all at once.  Only then will the boat continue to run, unchecked, fluidly and gracefully between pulls of the oar. Only then will it feels as if the boat is part of each of them, moving as if on its own.  Only then does pain entirely give way to exultation.”
As I wrap up this week, I want to extoll the joys and the possibilities of teamwork and celebrate Matt Carroll who for me put an oar in my hand and showed me how to row. Cheers my friend! Beyond words…
For all of us – our six – and beyond, let’s continue to find our “swing”…that is indeed an idea worth spreading…

Laura Smith, General Manager | Windermere Real Estate Co.

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