It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | happy birthday to FWL + economic snapshot + the WRE Cup + Double Down episode #2 (coming soon)…


A thank you to those that have been along for this FWL ride now 52 weeks going – we hit the one year mark today! As I look back, these were the first few words upon launch of this blog – I am hopeful you have found that my vision has been successful as one landing spot to communicate with each of you…in bite sized pieces…

“Fridays with Laura will be my vehicle to recap this week and prep for the next! Let’s face it, you have a lot of content coming your way as you navigate our real estate market and minimal time to sort through. My goal will be to provide you a weekly sweep in bite sized pieces….” – Laura

This week our Western Washington Real Estate Market Update by Matthew Gardner, Chief Economist was posted. This is an easy share with your people hosted on our blog and shared with each of you today…


“I’m happy to report that Washington State continues to add jobs at a steady rate. While the rate of growth is tapering, this is because many markets are getting close to “full employment”, during which time growth naturally slows. That said, I believe that the state will add around 70,000 jobs in 2017. Washington State, as well as the markets that make up Western Washington, continues to see unemployment fall and I anticipate that we will see this rate drop further as we move through the year. In all, the economy continues to perform at or above average levels and 2017 will be another growth year.” – Mathew Gardner, Chief Economist

The full blog post here – share share share!

…and I would be remiss not to include the local Windermere Cup festivities for this weekend – the events begin tonight – a details here!

Next week we record Espisode #2 of our Double Down podcast  – with the conversation looking a bit like this – turning information into insights being the idea worth spreading on how to leverage #’s in educating your clients and winning more business. David Daniel with Demco will again join us with a legal digestible bite. We’ll be round tabling successful use of “additional down payment”  addenda(s) with respect to our current market conditions. I could see low appraisals naturally falling into our conversation and how to handle by setting expectations early in a game plan. It will be raw, uncut and released to you on Friday!

That’s a wrap from me on this Friday! Off to go shop with my 8 year old daughter for a new dress to go dancing with her daddio at the school father/daughter dance. And that means I kick my Friday off with a date with my son. Win/win!

Have a fantastic weekend in productive work + play! And I hope many of you will line Montlake cut to cheer on the Dawgs across that finish line! We welcomed China to the races this year – very fun + exciting!

Laura Smith, General Manager | Windermere Real Estate Co.

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