It’s Friday, let’s podcast! | Episode #2 Double Down


Episode #2, Double Down is ready for you – including a legal digestible bite and another idea worth spreading. It’s 36 minutes + 56 seconds minutes, raw, uncut and geared just for you. Thank you David Daniel (Demco), Rob Graham (WW, manager) and Blake Budden (WW, broker) in  joining on this podcast fun! I had a blast, yet again and appreciate your insights + our conversations…

The cliff notes version > NWMLS From 22AD vs WRE Form 43 – additional down payment tools and how the two forms differ. (Spoiler alert, review paragraph #3 in 22AD.) Having these two Forms in front of you might be helpful in digesting our legal bite with David.  The idea worth spreading for this month is “turning information into insights” – how to know and leverage your numbers to educate your consumer, provide you more confidence, sound bites and win more business – on several levels. (Spoiler – make Trendgraphix your friend!)

Warning: we’ll get better at our microphone work – sounds like we were a little close to the mic and we sound a little out of breath. Pretty darn funny. I must have purchased really good equipment to pick up on all subtleties! Striving for excellence vs. perfection…here we go – thanks for tuning in!

Ok, taking cinnamon rolls out of the oven as I have a feeling it is going to take a little something extra to get the kids out of bed and off to school today. Can I say, so ready for summer!?! Happy Friday everyone, let’s get after it!

Shout if you need anything, here to help. The ultimate goal! PS, you can always leave me a comment on this blog – love to hear from you. Your take-aways, feedback and the like…upper left hand corner! If anything, say “hi”…

Laura Smith, General Manager | Windermere Real Estate Co.

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