It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | two tools + new cell phone law + amazon + roadshows…


It’s Friday, let’s sweep! This week, two tools for your toolbox + a reminder of the New Cell Phone Law  (this Sunday!!!) + Amazon in the news + preparing for another roadshow at your office meetings. Let’s do this, let’s sweep…

Official Property Value Notices

I received mine in the mail. You know, that roughly 5.5″x4.5″ white and black notecard from the King County Assessor’s office that arrives annually in your mailbox (electronically for some of you) – breaking down what your property taxes will be the following year. Each year this notecard is a reminder for me to share a resource with you so that in turn it can be a tool in communicating with your people! Why not be the resource when people too receive their Official Property Value Notice in their mailbox?! Be a resource. Let me help – for answers to Common Questions + How Assessments Work + How to Appeal and more – a great resource to share…Tool: click here.

A note on Zillow – specifically to your listings


Another resource we’ve drummed up that I’d like to share with each of you this week. First, always check your listings on Zillow. If the price, status or anything else is incorrect on Zillow – send an email immediately to We’ve had success with this tool.  And as a continued reminder, Zillow is not a Brokerage. Their data is not 100% accurate being that they do not have direct access to MLS data – instead they depend 100% on us and brokerages syndicating to them.


It’s happing THIS WEEKEND, July 23rd.
Subject: New Cell phone law takes effect  | Be Safe.
The new “Distracted Driver” law in WA State takes effect this Sunday, July 23, 2017. Failure to comply with the new law will result in increased fines. A driver cited for “Distracted Driving” for the first offense will pay a penalty of at least $136 and the offense will appear on your driving record which insurance companies use for auto insurance rating purposes.
What you need to know to avoid penalties and increases to your insurance premiums as a result of the new law:
Drivers cannot use cell phones while driving: this includes texting, reading, talking or messaging with the devise in hand (including at traffic or stop sign).
Drivers cannot view videos or cameras while driving.
Activities such as smoking, eating, reading or any other activity that interferes with safe driving is prohibited (drivers will be fines for these activities if they are pulled over for another traffic offense).
A couple articles you may too have interest in digesting from The Seattle Times:

In the news | Amazon?

This was “news” was actually last week news yet worth sharing – at least for banter + awareness. Taken verbatim from one of our managers, “I just found a new definition for of one of my favorite words, “monetize,” in this article.  And I quote:  “Amazon is famous for tinkering with business plans to squeeze profit out of every field of human activity.”

Yes, Amazon has changed how my family lives, no doubt – convenience in all areas. Certainly these two articles gives me pause and provides us plenty of water cooler chatter. A Seattle Times article and a Geek Wire article on Amazon and a whiff of their interest in monetizing what we do. We shall see.

Amazon Heading into Real Estate? Fake news, source says

Zillow shares slump as Amazon webpage hints at expansion into real estate referrals

That’s a wrap from me this week – onward to preparing a weekend of celebrating our guy who has a birthday this weekend. We’ve been calling Shale “sticks” all week as he rounds the corner on to 11 years old…

And oh – Ps, another office meeting roadshow being created for Fall. The Tune Up team + I will be making our rounds to each of your office meetings.  Until then –  keep soaking up summer + navigating our local market and lean on us when you need support. Here to help, just ask – the ultimate goal. By the way, plenty of “at bats” left in 2017 – keep on swinging! We’ll turn our attention to finishing strong, together.

Laura Smith, General Manager | Windermere Real Estate Co.

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