It’s Friday, it’s hot, let’s sweep! | privacy consideration + an economic overview + join me oct 3 & 4th – “soaring to new heights”


This week I attended out Luxury Breakfast and was reminded of the importance of privacy considerations – especially when working with high profile clientele. Demco went through the considerations for Buyer in how they want to hold title and the basic differences between entities such as LLCs, Trusts and Nominees. Certainly the answers do not lie within yours and my area of expertise however we should know enough to ask and make sure the Buyer knows (or finds out!) – especially when privacy of a Buyer’s name is paramount. A general fyi to keep in mind on this Friday! Ps, Demco has an entire class around this topic – “Legal Considerations in Luxury Real Estate.” I do not see it on our WRE education calendar in the immediate yet when I see another date inked I’ll make sure you know about it.

…and while we are on the topic of Luxury, if you are interested in taking a deep dive in educating yourself on Luxury Portfolio – here is a link to an upcoming webinar. A reminder: Windermere has Luxury Portfolio by way of our affiliation with Leading RE. And we (WRE) gets to stay in the Leading RE network by participating in running our outgoing referrals through Referral Services. Yes, that is a mouthful yet an important one to maintain our global reach. We do local amazing. We have a global reach that we want to keep in tact.  Clear as mud? If not, join the webinar, chat with your manager, your premier director or ME! Anytime.

Sign up for webinar here! I will too.

Hot off the press…

Posted July 26 2017, 11:00 AM PDT by Matthew Gardner, Chief Economist,
Western Washington Real Estate Market Update


“The Washington State economy has been expanding at a rapid pace but we are seeing a slowdown as the state grows closer to full employment. Given the solid growth, I would expect to see income growth move markedly higher, though this has yet to materialize. I anticipate that we will see faster income growth in the second half of the year. I still believe that the state will add around 70,000 jobs in 2017.” >  Read entire WRE blog post – click here AND easy to share!

[A print-friendly version of this report is also available at WORC > Stats & Economics > Gardner Report]

Join me October 3rd & 4th at our 2017 Windermere Symposium. It’s close to home this year for us. The content looks power packed. Remember my goal this year of “packing your parachute?” – THE Captain, Charlie Plumb Former Navy Fighter Pilot, P.O.W. Charlie Plumb will be our opening keynote speaker – you too will get a chance to hear this parachute story. My favorite speaker to do.  After graduating from the Naval Academy, Plumb completed Navy flight training and reported to Miramar Naval Air Station in San Diego where he flew the first adversarial flights in the development of what would be called the Navy Fighter Weapons School, currently known as “TOP GUN”. Code named “Plumber”, he flew 74 successful combat missions over North Vietnam and made over 100 carrier landings. On his 75th mission, just five days before the end of his tour, Plumb was shot down over enemy territory and spent the next 2,103 days as a prisoner of war. His message of perseverance and the power of mindset will surely inspire those experiencing the burnout a fast-paced competitive market brings.

Other key opportunities…

Katie Lance – Expert social media strategist, speaker, author and consultant Katie Lance will kick of day two.

New Moxi Works Innovation Station & Learning Lounge for hands on training. It’s a place for you to discover, hangout, and learn. Come meet with members of the Moxi team for help with Moxi Works, TouchCMA, and Agent Websites.

For those of you who want to witness me teaching my first clock hour class, two opportunities to do so on day two – Working With Buyers. Promise me this though – if you show up – participate with me throughout the class – way more FUN! We all learn from each other. I’ll make sure you get the clock hours.

Headshot Photo Studio! Is it time to update?! Have updated head shots taken for your websites and other marketing materials. We’ll have a professional photographer and studio onsite. Receive a photo session, touching up, and electronic files in two file sizes, (high resolution for print materials and lower resolution files for online and email use) for a third of the regular cost.

All you need to know and Registration – click here! See you there.

That is a wrap for this week. Ready for next. Looking forward to looking to the sky next week and watching these beauties! Shout if you need anything, here to help – the ultimate goal.

Laura Smith, General Manager | Windermere Real Estate Co.

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