It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | Are you asking?

To ask or not to ask [for reviews], that is the question…

Over and over you’re bombarded with advice that tells you to get out there, go grovel and beg for that review. Your business needs it. You deserve it. So, taking Nike’s slogan once again: Just Do It! If you’re like most people, you dislike asking. And you know what? That’s a healthy response. You should not love groveling – it’s the wrong way to ask for a review from a customer.

Begging ruins relationships with customers. What happens when someone begs us to do something we don’t want to do? It hurts the relationship. It creates negative feelings – bitterness, resentment, loss of respect – feelings that weren’t there before. It takes away from the goodness of the relationship that already exists. The relationship is permanently changed.

Asking a client for a review is done best by using a few keys:

1. Make it reciprocal. Ask them first, “How are you settling into your new home? Is there anything you need from me now that the transaction has closed?” Continuing to care for them after you’ve been paid shows them you are still their trusted advisor and friend.

2. Use a template. Starting from scratch on every request is daunting, but a form letter is too cold. Use your template as a starting point and edit small things to personalize the request. Be sure to individualize the messaging on some level.

3. Be specific. “If you found my services helpful, please consider giving me a 5-star review on Zillow at this link: [provide your direct link here]” There’s an old southern term that comes to mind here. You have to name it to claim it. Ask for the highest review. Believe it or not, it immediately takes the pressure off of your client to craft something huge. The idea that they just click on 5 stars and say something nice sounds much easier than a vague request.

4. Make it easy. Navigate to your reviews page [Zillow or LinkedIn], click the review button and then copy that link to your request. Don’t send them on a wild goose chase and make them search you out.

Just Do It. – again, thank you Nike.

In the spirit of asking for reviews and leading by [hopeful] example, I am going to practice what I am preaching.  The business of managing offices, growing our company, being in partnership with you and representing Windermere would also be enhanced by getting professional reviews from each of you! I am hopeful you know thru my actions that I greatly value the business and personal relationships I have with each of you. And yes, there are many of you I still hope for more “reps” with long-term. If you have found my support to be helpful, inspiring or perhaps even fun, please consider going to my LinkedIn profile and giving me a 5 star review:

I’ve made it easy – click here.

Ps, if you’d like a bit more direction in getting your review process set up – feel free to leverage support at our Tune Up team >

Have a fantastic last weekend of July weekend in summer work + play!  Here to help – the ultimate goal. Headed up to meet my mini-sailors on Whidbey – headed for the open waters to beat the heat!

Laura Smith, Co-owner | Windermere Real Estate Co.

Ballard + Eastlake + Madison Park + Northgate + Sand Point + Wedgwood

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