It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | Top 10

Welcome to Friday! Did anyone else appreciate waking to a bit of cool + wet outside? I did. Now, absolutely fine to warm back up in prep for our dog days of summer ahead of us!

My top 10 is back for this week’s sweep!

Let’s go…a little something for everyone. At a glance: CNBC article + Millennials + digital rebranded items + Seattle Art Fair [20% discount] + a mic dropped + jury trial + pool party + beer for homelessness.

1. CNBC article summarizing what we’ve been speaking to for many months – all in one place. Thank you broker, Cisca Wery for putting this in front of me this am!

“It’s not necessarily the decline in currency [China], it is the increasing restrictions on getting money out.”

“I’m not telling you there is going to be a crash in prices, but do I think there is going to be a drop in rate of increase? Yes.”

Full article here.

2. Now is a good time to welcome Millennials to your real estate practice. These 6 minutes + 55 seconds are worth watching. Yes, Millennials too want you to bring the “heart of a teacher” to your value perspective. Full video here.

3. Digital “guides” Rebranded! The “digital” versions of both our Guide to Buying a Home and Guide to Selling a Home are now available – they look fantastic. WORC > search bar “Guide to” > hit “documents tab” = you’ll find the goods there!

4. 2018 Seattle Art Fair opened last night! Still looking for tickets for you or your people? Let me know! Windermere Real Estate is proud to be the exclusive real estate sponsor and has access to 20% off tickets. Daily talks, special projects and performances, in addition to the over 100 participating galleries from around the world. For more information, visit *ping me for the 20% off link – if interested! [206.227.7133]

5. Mic dropped. No, this isn’t about Windermere vs Compass. This is “An Open Letter to Compass From a CEO” and specifically in regards to knowing the facts and speaking to truth. Mic dropped here.

6. You’ve been asking. For those of you interested – more on the history of Windermere’s court battle that ended in the “W” column last week – a jury trial win. Frankly, I’m simply pleased this is behind everyone. More history here.

7. PSBJ also reported on “Windermere wins legal fight with former brokers Bennion and Deville” – PSBJ is a pay to play news vehicle. If you want me to forward you this article – just ask. I’ll place in your inbox.

8. Pool party in October? If you are going to WRE Symposium in October – please join OB, Jill and I Monday night! Manager Michael Nelson will open his Palm Springs home to the brokers within our six offices that Monday evening [October 15th] after our classes. Still needed to book your trip? – details here.

*ps, I’m teaching in Session 1 – come obtain 3 clock hours talking Buyer Savvy Strategies!*

9. Are you asking [for reviews]? Just Do It. – again thank you Nike. I am.

In the spirit of asking for reviews and leading by [hopeful] example, I am going to practice what I am preaching.  The business of managing offices, growing our company, being in partnership with you and representing Windermere would also be enhanced by getting professional reviews from each of you! I am hopeful you know thru my actions that I greatly value the business and personal relationships I have with each of you. And yes, there are many of you I still hope for more “reps” with long-term. If you have found my support to be helpful, inspiring or perhaps even fun, please consider going to my LinkedIn profile and giving me a 5 star review:

I’ve made it easy – click here + thank you!

10. I think my husband Chad has been awaiting his shining moment in making the FWL blog content! Today is his day. Yes, Windermere Real Estate and the Windermere Foundation have banded together to fight homelessness with Pearl Jam’s The Home Show. This morning Chad found another neighbor banding together to fight homelessness = Georgetown Brewing Co.

Today’s hand model did an epic job today – well done, Chad! That’s a wrap for this week – here to help – give me a shout if you need anything – the ultimate goal.

Laura Smith, Co-owner | Windermere Real Estate Co.

Ballard + Eastlake + Madison Park + Northgate + Sand Point + Wedgwood

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