It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | the final 3rd

It’s upon us – tomorrow marks the final 3rd of 2018. Typically I look at the year in quarters and speak to a fourth quarter push in all that is possible and all that we do now to set the table for a strong launch into a New Year. When I realized tomorrow marks  the “final 3rd” of 2018 it made me realize – wow – we still have plenty of time in 2018 to make an impact! I love that! This theme will be interwoven into my blogging through year-end. OB, Jill and I are working on our strong finish and prep for 2019 – lots to share, lots to come – excited for this focus. We will continue to double down in our people. Cheers to the “final 3rd!” #WeAreWindermere

FWL has been on recess last week and into this week. I’ve been on vacation and today I leave the complete road trip mindset and begin to dip my toes back into our offices. I have a couple digestible bites to share…all items I read or thought about poolside, riverside, rafting the Deschutes, horseback riding, paddling and the like this past week+…

A book recommendation – “Never Split the Difference” – Chris Voss. I’m not yet complete with this read however I’m already guessing this will top my charts for 2018.

Geekwire posted what I thought was an article worth reading – “Is the tide turning on tech’s boom? Seattle’s hot real estate market finally cools in new Zillow report.” – Geekwire certainly isn’t a new player in a content resource, however is one worth mentioning again – one of my favorites.

Interesting article about Compass, written by a well-educated real estate journalist, with what appears to have no skin in the game – “McNellis: A Broken Compass?” I have a lot of skin in the game, thus I couldn’t pen something like this. He can though!

It’s back to school time. As my kiddos trade in swimsuits for school supplies and crazy schedules – a good reminder to be mindful of the school zones – the school zone speed cameras are just about back on as we navigate our local streets. Take the foot off the gas just a bit around schools – 20mph is slooooow – try it today. It’s actually hard to go that slow. I promise it is too expensive not to pay attention to this! I believe between my husband and I we received 3 automated tickets last year – going 25-26 mph. Ouch! #forthekids!

That’s a wrap on a few post vacation digestible bites! Back to the offices today. As we put a bookend on summer very soon, let us not forget to keep an element of PLAY in all we do. Thank you summer. #alwayslearning #playhard #worksmart

Laura Smith, Co-owner | Windermere Real Estate Co.

Ballard + Eastlake + Madison Park + Northgate + Sand Point + Wedgwood

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