It’s friday, let’s sweep! | 7-38-55% rule + price adjustment strategy + 4 questions + a pig

Welcome to Friday everyone! Lucky us, the sun is still out, leaves still on the trees and the colors oh so vibrant! Can you tell I love this time of year? I do!

A few of my favorite digestible bites from this week…

First up, a bite on communication…as taken from my favorite book thus far this year:

“UCLA psychology professor Albert Mehrabian created the 7-38-55 rule. That is, only 7% of a message is based on the words while 38% comes from the tone of voice and 55% from the speaker’s body language and face.”

How might this play out for you in even better communication? It goes along with one of Larry Kendall’s favorite pieces of advice when stakes are high, emotions also running high, solutions need to be found and when seeking the utmost clarity…”have you spoken with them live?” And I’ll add onto this statement…have you gone to see them face to face?

A bite from broker Shawn Aider from Premier Breakfast this week…on price adjustments:

We are certainly in a market whereas many of you will need to dust off your price adjustment tools. And for many of you, you haven’t yet needed such a tool! Shawna’s tip this week at Premier was a suggestion to include price adjustment strategy prior to bringing a home to the market. Make this discussion exactly that = a strategy = one that you and your Seller have already ironed out as a normal part of the process! This angle will take the confrontational optic out of the conversation – and instead bring you and your Seller back to the planning you’ve already set forth. This becomes a proactive vs reactive planning tool. Pricing will be a moving target – plan for it! Go there, talk about it…face to face!

This week I was also reminded of a powerful set of statements…especially as we begin looking at a very natural business planning time of year. Heck, these four elements could be your entire business plan!

“You could do more of what brings greater value. You could do less of what brings lesser value. You could start to do new things. You could stop doing new things.” – Brian Tracy

Another way to look at this…

“Knowing what I know, if I weren’t already doing this – would I start it up again today?”

Ps, three more Double Down podcasts by end of year – coming soon! Can’t wait to get mic’d up – plenty of content to share in both Doubling Down in your ideas worth spreading and in legal digestible bites! #WeAreWindermere  #ExcellenceBreedsExcellence

…and oh, this is what happens when mom goes out of town on a business trip (aka, me) and comes home to find out we are babysitting a pig this weekend! What?!? Good luck, to me.

In partnership with you, here to help – the ultimate goal!

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It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | #ets + will it make your boat go faster? +integrity + oh, be a duck

Hello Friday! I’m back at sea level and home after this week’s annual Windermere Owner meetings hosted by Windermere Services and our Windermere Colorado offices.  I’m indeed fired up and coming off of my Rocky Mountain High – then again, let’s be honest – I’m typically fired up! This week’s sweep will focus on a handful of my favorite soundbites from our work together in Colorado this week…

I’ve seen + experienced a lot of awesome speakers thus far in my life. The University of Washington’s women’s crew coach was the best yet – for me – Yasmin Farooq (Yas). And oh, she led her Huskies to a 2018 National Championship too.

It’s one thing to be inspiring, it’s another to couple with results…

Yas spoke of it not being one boat that won the 2018 National Championship for the UW Woman, it took all three boats. Think about how powerful of a statement that is!

Yas, her coaching staff and her team make decisions based on this question –  “will it make our boat go faster?” If not, don’t do it or in some cases, stop doing it.  A solid core question to ask yourself each time you make an effective business decisions.

 Yas’s team learned to “embrace the suck.” This was an element that this year’s national championship team really leaned into. Early mornings, not always ideal conditions on the water, grueling workouts, consistency in reps regardless of external influences – they individually and together “embraced the suck.” *a wee bit crass, I know. Yet, possibly my favorite digestible bite of the week! Powerful. #ETS

Yas wrapped up her session with us stating “winning is fun.”  Let’s not forget that, winning is fun!

Outside of Coach Yas’s commentary – a few more digestible bites from this week…

Integrity is not a renewable resource.” – President + CEO, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World. I do not believe this needs any more explanation. Digest it, live it.

Be a duck, sorry Husky fans, be a duck. Calm above the water all the while you are putting in the work below the water.

…and yes, Scott Stratten lived up to what I had hoped. What is your Joshie story this week? What will it be next week and in the coming weeks? Ps, share these with me – I want to celebrate them with you. No idea what I’m talking about? Watch this.

On a mountain high!

#WeAreWindermere  #ExcellenceBreedsExcellence

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It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | Another Top 10 + Joshie the giraffe + TEDxSeattleWoman

Welcome to Friday everyone! Oh boy did someone decide to quickly turn off Summer and turn on Fall. Oy, did you hear that rain last night! Today feels like a good time to roll out another Top 10 list – a random compilation of what is on my mind this week and where I move my focus to in the coming weeks!

  1. Windermere Stats updated  | need the password? text me: 206.227.7133
  2. Seattle data thru Aug 2018 | 1.7 months of inventory [0.6 Aug 2017]
  3. Seattle data thru Aug 2018 | Median closed sales price $700,000 [$689,000 Aug 2017]
  4. Seattle data thru Aug 2018 | 29% of homes sold ABOVE list price [44% last month, July 2018]
  5. Seattle data thru Aug 2018 | 20% of homes sold AT list price [18% last month, July 2018]
  6. Seattle data thru Aug 2018 | 23% of homes sold BELOW list price [18% last month, July 2018]
  7. Inventory historically declines between now and end of year. Leave me your prediction in the comment box!
  8. I’m still reading Never Split the Difference and still loving it! *ps, if you purchase the book on this link it benefits the Windermere Foundation – thank you Amazon Smile program.
  9. New class at Symposium – and guess what…It’s based off of the book above! = Never Split the Difference. Excellent, I plan to be there. Thank you Michael Fanning for pulling that together!
  10. Scott Stratten and I have a question for you…what is your “Joshie the giraffe” story? What was it this week? What will it be next week? Watch this 4 minutes and 46 seconds. 
  11. Adding an extra to the Top 10 this week – rolling in at #11…for those of you ready to begin looking at your business plan for 2019 – I’ve dusted my planner off – it’s ready for you = should you accept the challenge! Text/email me – I’m on it.

I’m packing my bags tonight for Colorado – headed on a jet plane to our annual Windermere owners meetings next week. I have the opportunity to go meet and engage with Scott Stratten – beyond excited. Scott is right, an “entire brand is dictated by the people who work for it.” At Windermere I’d slightly tweak this verbiage based on the nature of our business – our brand is entirely dictated by the people who choose to partner with the brand. Yup, that is YOU. I feel lucky and no doubt, grateful. I’ll be fired up after returning home – watch out, gobs of content coming your way…all with the intention of helping you. The ultimate goal!

Ps, calling all my Windermere woman – join me for the TEDx Seattle Woman Event December 5th at Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery. Click here to buy your ticket. I bought mine today along with many others! Let’s explore ideas worth spreading…

In partnership with you,

Laura Smith, Co-owner | Windermere Real Estate Co.

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