It’s (not) Friday! | The Year in Pictures

it is not Friday, it’s New Year’s eve day and I am inspired to write!

In reading Geekwire’s 12.29.19 article entitled, “Year in pictures: Amazon’s amazing growth, SapceX blasts off, the passing of Paul Allen and more” – I was inspired to go back thru my pictures living on my iPhone and take a look at what photos were defining for me this past year with all of you – work & play together. I’ve compiled the most defining photo from each month to share with you as we wrap up 2018 and welcome 2019 with open arms. Ps, the photo above was taken on January 1st 2018 – my family holding up the moon!

January 2018. An image reminding us of the robust + diverse economic environment in our city.

A quote from the Geekwire article I referenced above…

“2018 was a year of acronyms. We witnessed an overhyped search for HQ2, a flurry of IPOs and the passing of Seattle tech pioneer PGA: Paul G. Allen.

It was an intense and crazy year, marked by an unprecedented level of vitriol — much of it directed at tech juggernauts like Facebook, Amazon and Google. And, yet, despite that negative cloud hanging over the country, the tech economy surged, and the pace of innovation only seemed to accelerate as technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing and advances in biotechnology rooted more deeply in society.”

February 2018. The power of touring. This was a photo I snapped inside one of Jeri Smith’s listings. For some reason this day of tour stands out. It was a day that reconfirmed for me the power of our network supporting + touring each others listings – all offices coming together and creating impactful collaborative results from such a key activity. #WeAreWindermere

March 2018. My feet propped up atop a snow filled mountain overlooking The Summit. After a good long day of winter play in the mountains with brokers from the Wedgwood office I am reminded we play and work very well together – both of importance in success.

April 2018. It’s a tie! One of my favorite books of the year and one of my favorite events of the year – a first annual trivia night – no doubt, I expect to see this on the books for 2019 – too fun!

May 2018. A baseball theme popped up. With our new Windermere brand marks revealed this created fun + new ways to show them off in the community – Little League Championship Saturday, an example. By the way, your new listing signage + A-boards are looking good in the hood! And oh, hosted our “eh-mazing!” six office staff at a Mariner’s suite was indeed…the “suite” life! *Piper enjoyed too!

June 2018. Need I say more? We live, give & support our communities – this day and in so many other ways. I look forward to CSD every year, with you.

July 2018. Opening up my computer + notebook at the office to find this. From a long time ago yet keeps my “why” front + center. A nice surprise on that day and at that moment. What is your “why”?

August 2018. Yes, there “is strength in numbers.” I noticed this post shared by many of you – in turn, showing us what you want more of in content. W Creative, our regional marketing team will have their lights turned officially on for our offices in 2019. You have given us the “why” to create a local creative agency. Excited to launch and further support each of you.

September 2018. Redfin took the lead on a “Race & Real Estate” discussion and gave OB Jacobi the opportunity to host the same forum at Windermere Services Company. Proud to be a part of the conversation & a defining moment in bringing together leadership on such topic. Important.

October 2018. My iPhone was FULL of incredible images from WRE Owners Retreat in Colorado, WRE Symposium in Rancho Mirage & volunteering at Food Lifeline. Out of all of “October”, why did I choose a random photo of Tacoma Windermere Owner Anne Jones and I in between teaching sessions at Symposium? Because so much of 2019 was this for me…expanding my network, always learning, deeply collaborative, opportunities to teach and surrounding myself with people who inspire and make me better. This moment, as simple as it may appear, achieved all of it.

November + December 2018. A blur. Each year I think things will slow down for the holidays. Well, they absolutely do not. However, there are strength in numbers and it is through my partnerships with Jill, OB, Michael, Nat, Dave, Jordon, Rob, Darlene (our fearless WRE Co. leaders) that I stay sane. And for all of us at WRE Co, this picture captures the essence in reminding me that the sum is greater than the parts. And oh, they keep it FUN!

That’s a wrap in my year with you in pictures. Cheers to each and every one of you in 2019! May we together create more defining moments that are picture worthy in the coming year.

Signing off for 2018 as we welcome 2019 in less than 15 hours. First up in 2019, the moving truck arrives on Wednesday…

In partnership with you, and so darn grateful to be.

Laura Smith, Co-owner | Windermere Real Estate Co.

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    Great post!

    Great recap !!!!

    Tracie McGovern/Office Admin.

    Windermere Real Estate Co.

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