It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | a top 10 mash up

Welcome to Friday, let’s sweep! First of the New Year – hello 2019 – we are glad you are here!

Top ten items to consider in setting your table for 2019. No theme here outside of what is on my mind that I want to share with you today as we sweep + launch into 2019.

1. Is your calendar relevant or cluttered? Do you have recurring calendar items that are no longer relevant? Delete them, now. Make space for productive relevant time.

2. Ready for a bio refresh? We have a bio writer standing by – just ask at

3. Marking needs beyond the basics? W Creative has their lights turned on for us! Submit inquiries to – ps, make this creative agency a contact in your database – people/marketing agency designed for your marketing needs – big + small.

4. Save the date. COMPLIMENTARY, 3 clock hours! The content will be a mash up between Lars Neste & Troy St George with current title & legal topics!

Tuesday, March 12
9:30 to 12:30
Center For Urban Horticulture
*sign up in roughly 4 weeks*
Ps: if you think you already have taken this class – it will have a new class # so you can still add to your clock hours!
Checking things off my list for 2019!  Today is the second morning in waking in our new home! All the feels of “change” yet good ones. One item that naturally occurred during our move was evaluating our homeowners insurance which led to auto insurance and the like. If you haven’t had all insurance needs evaluated in awhile, good idea to do so. Call your insurance company or have an independent look with your partner in Moreland Insurance. Either way, be sure you are up to date in “the right” coverage and see if you can’t put a few more dollars back into your life/business 2019 – aka, see if you can save a few bucks on the same or better coverage? Check in on both. Glad we did.

5. Keeping Current Matters (KCM).  I have given Steve Harney and his KCM crew many shout outs over the months/years. Another plug for his good work – my favorite part being his Monthly Market Reports. These audio reports are released around the 10th of each month. Consider scheduling a reoccurring event in your calendar to listen in. Don’t have an account? No problem – try their two week trial or borrow my account login credentials as needed: | password: impact2019 | KeepingCurrentMatters website here.

6. All Double Down podcasts are now available + archived here – the homepage of my website – scroll to the bottom. If you missed December’s Episode (#11)  – here is the skinny:

“With the media being one of the biggest factors in our real estate marketplace, Windermere Real Estate Co. brokers Catherine Adams and Sabrina Booth join Windermere’s Chief Economist, Matthew Gardner and myself to move beyond the headlines.

With Seattle now more diverse economically than ever, we dig into our current real estate market and hash out what parts of this market feel familiar and in what ways.” – Double Down, Episode #11


7. Call/text, here to help. Haven’t yet programmed my cell phone into your contacts as an additional layer of support heading into the New Year? Go for it, 206.227.7133.
8. Podcast guests. Who do you want to hear mic’d up in 2019? Think anyone, think out of the box – I know I am!  Add a comment to this blog post, text me, call me, email me! I want to know. Lining up the guests! Better to know what is important to YOU, always!

9. A word from Christopher Robin.Promise me you’ll always remember: Your braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” – CR

10. Go Seahawks!!!

That’s a wrap on my Top Ten mash up for this week – let’s level up, giddy up, show up in 2019! In partnership with you, and so darn grateful to be.

Laura Smith, Co-owner | Windermere Real Estate Co.


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