It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | word + focus + talking points


Welcome to Friday! I have plenty to say, plenty to share – let’s get right to it! First, a couple housekeeping items to digest…

Office Hours and Computation of Time

Offices Closed this Monday in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr Day. If you are working within purchase and sale agreements nice & early in the year (aka, now and heading into the weekend) – when computing time, regard Monday January 21st as a legal holiday.

On Tuesday, the security around the NWMLS website is being updated = meaning we’ll all need to do a one time heightened security login. A 3 minute video has all the scoop – click here if you are curious, before Tuesday.


By The Numbers & Beyond the Headlines

Windermere Stats thru December are out with refreshed talking points for both Seattle & Eastside. Ready for you to digest… Click here. *if you need this month’s password: text me, 206.227.7133. We approach another season in setting Seller expectations – pricing for “the now” & educating Buyers – these facts & figures do a good job in setting the table for both you and your clients. Designed for YOU!

I’m optimistic for 2019 – I do believe we are going to have an absolutely fine year and may even see an increase in sales for 2019 – overall.  That said, I heard a very good story worth sharing as we will continue to face more headlines that we’ll need to move beyond and work with. Let’s call these headlines “trade winds.” We will have wind…

On the eve on of one of The Master’s golf tournaments, Tiger Woods was asked – “what do you think of the wind?” Tiger’s reply…

…”the wind doesn’t both me. However the wind can create doubt, doubt creates tension and tension can effect my golf swing.”

A collective goal for us this year will be to not let “wind” bother us – aka, impact our golf swing. In order to do this I agree with KCM’s Steve Harney (Keeping Current Matters) and his four goals for this year coming out of his January Monthly Market Report: 1. don’t panic 2. stay current daily 3. control the narrative and 4. every day, list *and when you list, price for what the home will sell for today = make prices compelling. *I must thank the KCM team for the Tiger Woods story, on wind.


What is your word?

Up for a challenge? Good, let’s do it. Set one word for the this year. Setting a word can help guide you throughout the year with clear intention and keep you on track, both professionally and personally. Think of this word as a mini business plan – it’s easy to remember – especially if you hit a patch of “wind” – which we all will. In 2017 my word was Impact. In 2018, my word was Play. In 2019, my word is FOCUS.

Why is Laura’s word FOCUS? Glad you asked…

Recently I was listening to a podcast with Oprah & author, Daniel Goleman’s, on “Emotional Intelligence and why it can matter more than IQ”.  At one point in their conversation they referenced “focus” as a flabby muscle and one that needs to become more fit. The gist, people are distracted most of the time.

Then, good friend and broker, Tammy Heldridge from our Sand Point office share this article with me…seriously, read it! Click here.

How to Actually, Truly Focus on What You’re Doing

Tired: Shallow work. Wired: Deep work.

There you have it. As I was searching for my “word” for 2019, I can thank Oprah, Daniel and Tammy for FOCUS. Ps, I’ve asked many of you what your word is for 2019 – and so far this is what I’ve heard…

grind + shift + hopeful + cautious + focused + strong + awesome possum + resilience + new + balance + brave + excited + winning + improve + appreciation + baller status + boom + impactful + trump + confidence + ownership + advance

What is your word? I really do want to know! This stuff matters.

Laura Smith

Laura Smith, Co-owner | Windermere Real Estate Co.


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