It’s (Monday)! | Podcast topics + YOU


Why oh why am I hearing from Laura on a Monday, it is not Friday?

Answer is:

Lining up my next podcast for 2019 and I want to hear from YOU in what content + conversations you want more of!

Please text, email or post a comment on this blog post if you have an opinion. The content + conversations are designed with YOU in mind. Next up I’ll no doubt get Demco Law Firm & David Daniel back mic’d up…

What else?

Who else?

Guests outside of our real estate industry?

With gratitude, Laura Smith

…206.227.7133 (cell)

*and yes, you’ll still hear from me this Friday – I have plenty to say in the New Year. Welcome 2019! I am glad you are here and extremely optimistic about YOU.






One thought on “It’s (Monday)! | Podcast topics + YOU

  1. rgraham783 says:

    Two possible topics for you:

    Optimism for 2019 based on the numbers: Uptick in Title orders and mortgage applications, equity in housing, changes to underwriting.


    Prepping for the next downturn: How should independent contractors be prepping for the next downturn when it becomes a reality.


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