It’s Friday, let’s sweep! |a brain teaser + a thank you + trends + a hard to miss campaign


It’s Friday, let’s sweep! First up, a brain teaser…

The more you take the more you leave behind? What am I? Where is Laura going with this? Stick with me…


First, a note worth shouting out from broker, Mike Woods:

“After 25 years as the Foundation Rep for Ballard I’ve made the difficult choice to step down and hand over the keys to Sara Medford the Ballard Windermere Foundation Representative.

I’ve been on the look out for a replacement for the past few years and Sara came along with such leadership, energy, idea’s and focus that it made the decision very easy that I could turn over the reigns and to the foundation duties at our office knowing they are in such great hands.

It’s been a real honor and privilege these past 25 years to serve the Foundation as the representative for the Ballard office, it’s made me a better person and has been a very grounding and humbling experience.   I’m very grateful that you lend your support to keeping the Foundation going and growing each and every year, it has such a huge impact on so many people lives it’s hard to put in words how important it is.  Thank you all very much, it really makes a life changing experience for all those that we are able to help out.” – Mike Woods, Windermere Real Estate Co. | Ballard

Brain teaser answer is: footsteps…

Mike Woods, your 25 years of footsteps in service has made a tremendous impact within the fabric of our local communities – one that is felt well beyond any one of us will really ever  know. We all thank you for each footstep and in helping our Windermere Foundation to flex that beautiful muscle to help others in need. Can’t thank you enough!

Ready for a few digestible bites in trends thus far in 2019?


Let’s look at the science thru February 2019:

Full report here Ps, need the password? Text me: 206.227.7133

Too early to call after two months yet the early signs are in that we are returning to a multiple offer market.

Based on Seattle Residential and Condominium

Multiple offers are happening, and with increasing frequency (still short of the frenzy of past springs).

20% of February closed sales sold for more than original list price vs 64% a year ago (up from 11% in January 2019)

13% of February closed sales sold at original list price vs 12% a year ago (up from 11% in January 2019)

Interest rates are equal to a year ago and down ½ a point from a recent high in November 2018. *Payments on median closed sales price is down from $3,546 (February 2018) to $3,443 (February 2019).

Prepare our Buyers to be competing with other buyers:

*Pre-inspections *Become eligible for Penrith’s Guaranteed Loan *After getting a Guaranteed loan from any lender, talk with Buyer Capital to make your offer as good as cash. Note: we’ll be working to run your thru this new resource in Buyer Capital!

Listings are coming, see the new listings taken in the month for March through June for the past three years.

Sellers still need to consider pricing towards the bottom end of the value range instead of the high end:

47% of sellers in February had to change their price to create a sale. As stated above, listings coming…

…and oh, why not add a little luck to the mix as well!

St. Patrick's Day v2

A special note:  be on the look out next week for an email from Julie Day – WRE Services, VP of Marketing. Julie will begin to prime the pump for our media campaigns. Let’s just say that rumor has it, starting March 21st…Windermere will be hard to miss!

All in, for you,

Laura Smith, Co-owner | Windermere Real Estate Co.

Laura Smith

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