It’s Friday, let’s sweep! |Coca-Cola kept their secret recipe…


“Coca-Cola kept their secret recipe locked in a vault for 86 years. Ours can be found on this flash drive”Julie Dey, VP of Marketing | Windermere Services

Recently, Windermere Services gave Owners + Managers a behind-the-scenes look at what they have been doing to bring the Windermere brand to life. This week it was all about you and Windermere beginning to come “off mute” for you. In your upcoming office meetings you too will have the behind-the-scenes look at our new creative work – including an internal video about this project, findings from our research, our brand foundation, North Star declaration [also an internal piece for us], and visual expression to tie it all together. As I referenced in last week’s blog post, beginning March 21st [yesterday] Windermere will be hard to miss…

On a personal note however, as the digestible bite for this week, I want to share a letter I and all other owners received from Jill Wood. I began today – March 22nd – at an annual  fundraiser for Pocock’s Row to the Future benefit breakfast. Rowing was not a sport I was exposed to in my early athletic life – instead, it was a sport I was exposed to simply being associated with Windermere. One of the speaker’s today made reference to rowing being a sport that you move forward by looking backwards. As you digest Jill’s letter – think about how moving forward by looking backwards applies to us. In bringing our Windermere brand to life, I believe it has everything to do with us moving forward.


Dear Laura,

It seems like every day, I hear another inspiring “Windermere story” about an agent going above and beyond for a grateful client. As an organization, we almost take it for granted: this is a culture that attracts a certain kind of individual, and, once here, they’re surrounded by mentors and peers who take immense pride in the customer service they provide.

This year, we have made a commitment to be counted among the most customer-obsessed companies in the world. The great news is, unlike most companies, you and your agents don’t really have to change single thing you’re doing. You just have to keep doing whatever it takes to connect your clients with their dreams, every single day. You just have to keep living out new Windermere stories.

As you know, we’ve been working diligently to capture the essence and value proposition of the Windermere brand, to help all of us embrace what makes us different and begin to communicate those differences in a relevant, powerful way.

We’ve been on “Mute” for too long. You and your agents have essentially been authoring stories that our competitors, new and old, simply cannot tell.

In the next few weeks, you’ll be receiving our Brand North Star & Expression Kit, that will provide the roadmap to our future success in the face of a changing and increasingly competitive landscape.

Some real estate companies are telling what essentially a technology story, about ones and zeroes. Our stories are more about connecting humans with their dreams.

May the real estate company with the best stories win.

All in, for you,

Jill Wood

As of yesterday, we came “off mute.” You + I will keep authoring stories worth sharing – those that are the essence of our brand.

…and as we row forward by looking backwards, if you have authored a story you’d be willing to share – please do. Let us shout it out on your behalf. Please share your secret recipe, your story here:

Ps, The Windermere agent stories you will see on tv ads and the like are all real. These ingredients are what differentiates us. There is zero need to keep our recipe locked in a vault for the years moving forward.

#OffMute #TheHumanAlgorithm #ThankYou

All in, for you,

Laura Smith | Co-owner | Windermere Real Estate Co.

Laura Smith

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