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It’s Friday, let’s sweep the week! Time for another Top 10 – it’s been awhile. My Top 10 from this week…in digestible bites for you!

  1. All in Stories. Last week we launch our “All in, for you” campaign. This week, we had one of our own, a Sand Point broker, submit a story! Can you guess who this is?

…I had a Bremerton waterfront listing last fall. I had just brought it to market and needed to get to the property to install my sign. I also had gotten a call from a potential buyer, who wanted to meet me at the property at 11:00 am. I live near the Sand Point office and quickly realized that with Montlake traffic completely backed-up, I would never make it to downtown Seattle by car, to catch the ferry to Bremerton by and make the showing appointment at 11. So I hopped on a Lime Bike and while holding my sign, biked to the UW light rail station. I then carried my sign onto the light rail and took it downtown to the Pioneer Square station. From there, I walked onto the Bremerton Ferry (just in time). I then arrived in Bremerton with about 5 minutes to spare. I walked form the ferry terminal to the listing with the sign under my arm. Success!

2. Did you every see Laura’s new tattoo? If you are curious, click here.

3. W Creative. A reminder of your in-house real estate creative services – designed for you, when you need them. W Creative website here.

4. Housing Department Slaps Facebook with Discrimination Charge. Article here.

5. Seattle is Dying. No political statement here – simply a statement in awareness being that this documentary is a very hot topic and we are deeply rooted in our communities. It’s one hour. Click here.

6. To the contrary of Seattle Dying…Seattle in Progress. I was reminded this week of a great resource in seeing what is being built in Seattle – here.

7. Moreland Insurance. We had a win this week in helping a client find insurance after having a difficult time. Moreland for the win. A reminder of this tool in your back pocket. Ps, insurance is one of those things we forget about in referring to our clients- however, those obtaining financing = turns out, they need it and need it in a timely fashion! Let’s give them a referral. I’ve been nothing but impressed with Moreland’s service.  Moreland connection here.

8. The move! With our move to the new house I finally remembered to change my address! Geez, one might think I would have been on top of that detail sooner! Online resource here.

9. Did you know? Did you know we have a Windermere Form (WRE Form 28) entitled, Windermere Customer Agreement – No Agency Between Buyer and Broker. We had a need this week to put this in Agreement in play = broker writing a contract on behalf of a purchaser who was not entering into an agency relationship. I hadn’t thought about this form in a while – thought I’d share it with you. This form is located on the NWMLS > Xpress Forms > Additional Forms > Company Forms > Windermere > WRE Form 28. *or just ask me for it!

10. Go M’s! My march madness brackets are on the verge of being completely busted –  however the good news, Mariners won their season opener – 12 to 4 vs the Red Sox. Go figure! Go M’s. Let’s play ball!


#OffMute #TheHumanAlgorithm #ThankYou

Submit your stories here! We want to know them.

All in, for you.

Laura Smith | Co-owner | Windermere Real Estate Co.

Laura Smith




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