It’s Friday, let’s sweep! |”don’t pee in the pool” – Seth Godin

Welcome to Friday! Summer vibes are officially here – heck, my kids put a wrap on school today too. Welcome summer, we are glad you are here. Speaking of summer, I have my mind on some pool time. Michael Fanning had shared this week Seth Godin’s blog post, “Don’t pee in the pool” and I do believe worth a reshare…


“Don’t pee in the pool”

“For generations, people dumped crap into the Hudson River. The river was so large and so swift that they assumed that the effluent wouldn’t come back to haunt them.

Of course, it did, killing the oyster beds and poisoning the public.

How big does a body of water have to be before we forget that we’re swimming in it? That it all comes around…

Why are we are okay at yelling at a stranger, but not our neighbor? We will abuse the department in the other building, but not down the hall…

It turns out that the pool/river/tub that we live in is far smaller than it seems. The culture of the place we work, the vibe of the community where we live. It’s all more connected than we realize.”Seth Godin

Next up on this Friday’s sweep > digestible bites around this Monday’s “compassionate conversation” – designed for you.


If you are a Windermere broker, you are invited.

Join us. Curious the agenda and details? all right here!

The primary purpose of this our event is to educate our brokers about the city’s homelessness epidemic and provide you with facts and resources that you can use in conversations with clients and friends. We hope this discussion will generate greater knowledge, compassion and leadership in confronting this important local issue.

Attendees will get an overview of the causes and current state of homelessness in Seattle and hear directly from service providers and an SPD representative working on the front lines of Seattle’s homelessness crisis, as well as from people who have experienced homelessness themselves.

Timeless hours have been spent putting together Monday’s conversation. I’d like to thank our committee members for their passions, their connectivity to resources, dedication to community and for their precious time. A standing ovation for to my fellow committee members + excellent humans…

Sol Villarreal + Kian Pornour + Deirdre Doyle + Dina Harvey + Sabrina Booth + Pat Grimm + Fritz Nichols + Joe Easterday + Jennifer Doering-Jones + OB Jacobi + Patrick Chinn + Christopher King/W Creative + Mark Putnam + Constance Baldwin

Double Down podcast |Episode #14

Episode #14 of our Double Down podcast is 41 minutes dedicated to all things legal.  David Daniel & I dig deep into messy Form 17 Disclosure issues and clarity around best practices with Earnest Money. All Episodes hosted here. *scroll down on homepage


Welcome to Friday > let’s fly into Father’s Day weekend! 

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Laura Smith | Co-owner | Windermere Real Estate Co.

Laura Smith

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