It’s summer, let’s go! |Good for the soul vs sole


It’s Saturday, not Friday. No Friday sweep to digest this week as the mountains were calling, I listened and headed for fresh air and to do something good for the soul. Ironically, I lost both soles of my hiking boots! A Friday funny for sure. Humor + the outdoors was a great way to welcome in the Summer Solstice!

No digestible bites this week. I have a Top Ten brewing for next week > as I have a lot to say. I do however have a handful of stats taken from our Compassionate Conversation this week at The Cinerama. Thank you for filling the room and coming to learn. Education around homelessness is a good place to start the conversation. And, we did.

Thank you W Creative for putting this video together to capture a few take-aways in #’s. Video here, a part of the conversation.

FYI: we will continue to use our Compassionate Conversation website for education + resources. Just added: The Emerald City Resource Guide. Know someone facing homelessness? A resource here.

…and you are now witness to my Friday funny – soul vs sole. My soul may be repaired, my soles not so much!


Hello Summer! We are glad you are here!

#OffMute #TheHumanAlgorithm #AllInForYou

Laura Smith | Co-owner | Windermere Real Estate Co.





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