It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | top 10 style


It’s time for another Laura Top 10 – basically, what is on my mind. Welcome to Friday, let’s sweep! Ps, I’m curious your favorite content here – post a comment on this blog and let me know – thanks! #All In, For You.

1. Educating us + our clients around the Upcoming 2020 changes to Washington State Real Estate Excise Tax. Windermere branded Excise Tax Flyer released this week. *your office has it! Digest it, educate, help people to plan early – it could be meaningful. 

2. It’s not just Amazon anymore [well, hasn’t been for awhile]. Big week for Seattle in tech choosing Seattle, once again. Geekwire article here, looking at this week.

3. Waterfront Seattle – specifically the Local Improvement District (LID) came up in my June managers meeting. Providing this resource again – includes a LID property search tool. Resource here.

4. More from Godin. In putting together a creative ad writing workshop (coming soon) –  I came across this Seth Godin blog post. Ten words per page.

5. Throwback. Want a sneak preview to successful ad writing strategies? Listen to EP6 of my Double Down podcast [@ minute 12:37 begins my interview with Catherine Adams – after the legal bite with David Daniel, Demco Law Firm] *carve our 28 minutes and tune in! All Episodes here > EP6 is with Catherine Adams.

6. The 4 P’s = personality types! How do you know which type you are working with? Here are the 4 P’s (types) + their respective wants + overarching question. If you can identify who you are working with at any given time you can adjust your communication styles.

Power | Want: control | Will you get to the point?

Perfection | Want: Facts | Do you know what you are talking about?

Peace | Want: safety | Am I safe here?

Party | Want: Fun | Are we having fun yet?

7. Sure-fire strategy in working with a Power Personality > use this vernacular…

“Here’s what happens next…”

8. WRE HUB Yes, we are moving away from the old WORC. A note from WRE Services:

You may have noticed a new look for our WORC site! We’ve updated our homepage and most interior landing pages to reflect our new branding and to make it easier to find the information and tools you need. The Brand Refresh section has been phased out, Custom Xpress and Moo have been combined into one section, and new homepage tiles have been added for Professional Development and Social Media. The remaining page updates will be completed soon.  We hope you like the new look and organization. If you have feedback, please contact the Marketing Helpdesk at

Ps. download the app, I’m liking it thus, far excited to see it grow. Windermere Hub.

9. July 4th holiday week. 🇺🇸 Reminder: When computing time for purchase and sale agreements, please regard Thursday, July 4th as a legal holiday. *Offices Closed Thursday   Friday (July 4th + July 5th).

10. Off to Hoopfest today! Excited to coach these ballers again on the blacktop. This picture says a lot more than meets the eye. This week we practiced 3 on 3 in prep for the tournament. These are two fiercely competitive teams in the neighborhood and yet we came together to prep for the tournament. Sound familiar? Yup, a lot like our offices.

It’s what we do…


#OffMute #TheHumanAlgorithm #AllInForYou

Laura Smith | Co-owner | Windermere Real Estate Co.


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