It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | autumn leaves & podcasts please x 3 [pumpkins too]


Last week, I released a series of podcasts: Episode 15-17 were designed for us to continue conversations as we approach October 1st and the upcoming NWMLS rules changes. These 3 episodes were recorded to work best to listen in succession, yet each episode can be digested as a stand alone podcast.

As I roam our offices this week, based on commentary, it appears these 3 podcasts are being digested and the content has been appreciated…so I’m putting last week’s post on repeat. Thanks for “tuning it” and the feedback thus far.

…and an additional note from OB Jacobi in clarification:

“On October 1st, 2019 all listing detail pages on will have a new section at the bottom of the page called “Additional Listings Info” which will note the “Buyer’s Agent Commission” as a percentage. This information is inputted by the listing agent into the NWMLS. This new data point will be visible on both and Agent Website listing detail pages.” – OB Jacobi

A screenshot below is an example of what this will look like…

SOC screenshot

Ok, last week’s sweep on repeat – thanks for “tuning in”! I’ll keep recording as long as I have people willing to listen!

#TheHuman Algorithm #AllInForYou

Episode #15 | Antitrust 101| David Daniel from Demco Law Firm & I brush up on the 101 of antitrust. We dip our toes into a current antitrust lawsuit and why it is a good time for brokers to refresh their understanding of the law and stay current with their practices to avoid copycat lawsuits. A great opportunity to keep education top for mind!

Episode #16 | NWMLS Modernization of Selling Office Commission Rules | With this conversation David Daniel from Demco Law Firm & I hope to break down confusion around October 1 2019 NWMLS rules changes and share best practices. Word of the day = Transparency. Bottomline, that is a good for the consumer.

Episode #17 | Buyer Agency Agreements | Windermere Ballard broker, Greg Lewis mic’d up with manager Darlene Sozinho & I to share his successful use and process with Buyer Agency Agreements. BAAs are often not a tool used in our marketplace (yet) however after hearing from Greg I do believe many of you will decide to add this process into your playbook…and win the day by doing it! Spoiler alert: good for you + good for you clients. A winning strategy for both! Note: within many markets BAA is the norm.

Laura Smith | Co-owner | Windermere Real Estate Co.

Laura Smith

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