It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | Double Down x 3


This week, I’m releasing a series of podcasts: Episode 15-17 are designed for us to continue conversations as we approach October 1st and the upcoming NWMLS rules changes. These 3 episodes were recorded to work best to listen in succession, yet each episode can be digested as a stand alone podcast.

As we approach a strong finish to 2019 and launch into 2020 my goal is to lead via education, access and collaboration.

 Ps: a highlight of my week was to receive this picture from our Eastlake office. A great example of “why” to show up to the office. Going this business alone is not for the faint of heart. Going this business together is a much stronger strategy. If you are approaching 2020 feeling as if you are going this alone, connect with me. Here to help, alway the goal.

#relationships #collaboration #community #professionalism

All in, for you!


Ready to “tune in” to the conversations? Great, let’s go…

Episode #15 | Antitrust 101| David Daniel from Demco Law Firm & I brush up on the 101 of antitrust. We dip our toes into a current antitrust lawsuit and why it is a good time for brokers to refresh their understanding of the law and stay current with their practices to avoid copycat lawsuits. A great opportunity to keep education top for mind!

Episode #16 | NWMLS Modernization of Selling Office Commission Rules | With this conversation David Daniel from Demco Law Firm & I hope to break down confusion around October 1 2019 NWMLS rules changes and share best practices. Word of the day = Transparency. Bottomline, that is a good for the consumer.

Episode #17 | Buyer Agency Agreements | Windermere Ballard broker, Greg Lewis mic’d up with manager Darlene Sozinho & I to share his successful use and process with Buyer Agency Agreements. BAAs are often not a tool used in our marketplace (yet) however after hearing from Greg I do believe many of you will decide to add this process into your playbook…and win the day by doing it! Spoiler alert: good for you + good for you clients. A winning strategy for both! Note: within many markets BAA is the norm.

Laura Smith | Co-owner | Windermere Real Estate Co.

Laura Smith

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