*It’s Thursday! I’m on a plane!*


It’s Thursday and I’m boarding a plane! Why do I share this? Be on the lookout for my Friday sweep blog post. Preparing a Top 10 from this year’s Windermere Summit. A sneak peek at my next 48 hours. I’m a wee bit concerned my head is going to explode. I’ll do my best to put my Top 10 in digestible bites on the return flight tomorrow!

Ps, if you are joining us in Spokane, please share your favorite digestible bites over these next 48 hours within the comment section of tomorrow’s blog post. Let’s start a conversation. Where will you shift as you prepare to see 20/20 in 2020? It starts now, not in the New Year.

From Handshake to Hashtag – Understanding our Shifting TimesPhil Gwoke

Disruptors vs Innovators – A Shifting PerspectiveOB Jacobi + York Baur

Pitfalls of a “Normal” Market: Are you Prepared?Matthew Gardner

Who’s Got Next? Shifting the Way We Lead Clients and ColleaguesPhil Gwoke

How We See the World is How We Interpret the WorldKevin Parker

Flopportunity: Creating Resilience in Your Personal and Business LifeJustin Riordan

Unlock Your PotentialRachel O’Rourke

Change is Possibility – How to be “All In”Michael Fanning

When Generations Connect – Embracing the Strength of “All In”Phil Gwoke

It’s a beautiful day for a quick flight to Spokane! Wheels ups, heading East!

Let’s go! All in, for you.


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