Welcome to Sunday, let’s sweep! | Top Ten from WRE Summit 2019


Welcome to Sunday evening after returning home from Spokane – home base for Windermere’s first annual Summit! I spent Thursday + Friday with 300 [sell out!] of our brokers across the network inside an environment committed to learning and doing. As we moved thru our TedTalk style event I pieced together a Top Ten. Looking forward to continued conversation in + around these digestible bites as we all prepare for seeing clearly in 2020.

Ps, if you make it to the end of the Top Ten list – a special announcement awaits you. Put aside a few more pennies for Windermere Symposium next year. I know I am, it will be worth its! Hint hint: pool party.

 “SHIFT” was the theme for our WRE Summit > In order to be responsible in a shifting world, we need to be ready to adapt to the needs of those whom we are influencing. 

 A rundown of our incredible lineup of speakers:

From Handshake to Hashtag – Understanding our Shifting TimesPhil GwokeDisruptors vs Innovators – A Shifting PerspectiveOB Jacobi + York BaurPitfalls of a “Normal” Market: Are you Prepared?Matthew GardnerWho’s Got Next? Shifting the Way We Lead Clients and ColleaguesPhil GwokeHow We See the World is How We Interpret the WorldKevin ParkerFlopportunity: Creating Resilience in Your Personal and Business LifeJustin RiordanUnlock Your PotentialRachel O’RourkeChange is Possibility – How to be “All In”Michael FanningWhen Generations Connect – Embracing the Strength of “All In”Phil Gwoke

 Where you will you SHIFT in 2020?

Let’s go! All in, for you.

1. 4.4 is the industry average in # of transactions sides per broker (NAR), per year; 12.7 per broker within our Windermere network.

2. Data inside of our Windermere tools shows brokers using Windermere tools are yielding 40% more transactions. That said: what are the best tools within the real estate industry? Answer is: the ones you will use. *Be sure you are using technology to reinforce relationships and bring efficiency to the client.

3. Were you selling real estate in 1999? If so, you saw the last “normal” market. It’s been 20 years. We are moving back to normal. Our industry will need to help both buyers and sellers bridge gaps in expectations. It will take a collective effort.

4. If you are not (yet) working with millennials, start now. Our abilities to work across different generations is more important than ever. You’ll need to “shift” in communication styles and approach. *anyone recall what “tl;dr” stands for?

5. Know your stuff. Be the resource.

6. Be one step ahead of your client.

7. Ask for their story, live on their interior.

8. Design a customized experience for each client. Become their partner.

9. Our moods are contagious. Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world.

10. “but you will know and I will know” story – a Steve Jobs story about painting a fence *this will be next week’s blog post.  A story about excellence.

I certainly realize the above Top Ten will mean more to those that were able to join us in Spokane. It really is about being there and digesting the content as shared on stage and with a mic. On that note…

 …it’s time to share our next big gathering Windermere network wide. Join our larger network in Hawaii in 2020 and create your own Top Ten list!

Special Announcement! 2020 Windermere Symposium in Hawaii!

Host location: Fairmont Orchid, Big Island

Save the dates: October 7, 8, 9 2020

 Where will you “shift” in 2020?

People first. Business second.


Laura Smith | Co-owner | Windermere Real Estate Co.


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