It’s 2020, let’s sweep! |the corks have been popped!

2020 Gold

The cork has been popped and we’ve turned the page on a New Year. We’ve put the final bow on the year before and for many, we become reflective in our hopes, our intent, our focus in what the thought of a New Year brings. As the globe welcomes 2020 with hopeful open arms, I’ll bring with me this Top 10 list into the next 365 days. I share with hopes you too will share with me along the way. Let’s go 2020! Corks have been popped! I’m IN.

1 Year = 365 Opportunities

  1. Word of the Year; music. Do you have a word for 2020? I’ve chosen, music. Specifically, music being “the silence between the notes.” – Claude DeBussy. May this year bring our collective abilities to hear the music between the notes; to enjoy more of what we each cherish most in our lives.
  2. Health; I’m still very much in love with my Peloton. If you were to enter my house you might say, goodness…YOU are the commercial. Ha! Well, maybe I am. I have no problem with that. Me and that bike are great friends and as we ride I shed any concerns for that day while getting my sweat on. My best ideas, solutions and moments of clarity have come while riding. Favorite instructor? Ally Love.
  3. A changed city; Seattle, I am native to Seattle. The Seattle I grew up with is very changed and yet I’ve chosen to live here, raise a family here, build a company here and build a community here. Growing up this fast has its bumps. I will adjust and find my way in our changed city. Top 5 Changes in Seattle – Seattle Times
  4. Philanthropy; A natural focus in a changed city. I’ll help where I can. Goosebumps here.
  5. Economic forecasts; We have a chief economist in our back pocket. I won’t take him for granted; this is unique piece of our Windermere brand. I’ll carry him in my back pocket as we head into an election year. Thank you Matthew Gardner.
  6. Daily habits; 11am alarm. No, this isn’t when I wake up! My phone alarm goes off each day at 11am – it’s my opportunity to check-in with myself and see if I’m  “winning the day by 11am” (a daily goal of mine). Curious about that? Ask me in 2020. Happy to share! It’s been a game changer.
  7. Podcasts; with a twist – adding an additional theme: “ask a legend.” Yes, we have legends at Windermere! We have brokers that have been with us for 20, 30, 40 years. It is time to tap into their knowledge and ask their perspective on market, lean on what they would have liked to have known sooner in their careers, their optics on being great in the transaction (negotiations, communication etc…), how they articulate their value and how they have adjusted when markets were shifting (normal/buyer/seller/transitional markets). Let’s use my microphones to lean on our legends a bit and use 2020 to learn from them. Trivia: what year was our last “normal market” in Seattle?
  8. Real conversation; topics like Fair Housing. Starting here.
  9. Growth; thru reading. Favorite book in 2019? Art of Gathering.
  10. Mantra; People first. Business Second. The rest will take care of itself.

What have you decided bring with you in 2020? Seriously, I’m curious. In your own way; I am hopeful you will share.

As Ms. Ally Love said on one of our rides in 2019, “you are not riding alone, I’m riding right next to you.” Sometime the road will be smooth; sometimes gritty…

Let’s ride into 2020.

All in for you. All in for us.



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