It’s Friday, let’s sweep! |#Let’sDoThis


Welcome to Friday, first real “sweep of a week” in the New Year outside of my Top 10 list on January 1st! Did you figure out what you’ll bring with you in 2020? If I’ve been in your office meetings or business planning sessions this week I’ve focused on this question…

The most important thing in the world is a” – Lewis Pugh *answer in-line below!


The Seattle Times posted this week their monthly headline after the NWMLS statistical reports were posted. Hint hint: within 24 hours of NWMLS statistical reports being published on their homepage [for us], always expects to see a headline the following day on the Seattle Times. Suggestion: make it a habit to read the headline; full article; nwmls stats report and windermerestats so that you can help buyers/sellers move beyond the headlines! Educate them; a strong piece of your value proposition and builds trust in being able to report how the information relates to them. It’s all about the individual; always! #TrustedAdvisor

“Amid falling inventory, brokers predict a return to 2017 ‘hotness’ in Puget Sound housing markets. See what’s happening near you.”

On that note, is updated along thru December 2019 with the Monthly Talking Points. Let’s together move beyond the headlines; each month.

Password is updated: ask your office or text me! 206.227.7133

A shift in the market has occurred. Inventory and months’ supply of inventory have dropped to a level that should increase buyer urgency.

We’ve been here before. We have the skills + knowledge to navigate this market.

2020 looks like it should be between 2017 and 2019 for all statistics…


*Answer is…”a made up mind!” – Lewis Pugh

Is your mind made up for all things in 2020? Yes, great. If not, happy to help.

I sure hope the Seahawks have made up their mind to win on Sunday!

#LetsDoThis #Go Hawks


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