It’s Friday, let’s sweep! |timing on our local media and our industry = know it!


Welcome to Friday, let’s take a sweep of this week – February has arrived! And as we turn the page to another month we look to make sense of what we can so far within our markets. If I’ve been to your office meeting lately I shared a little secret on timing and data and ultimately the timing of The Seattle Times real estate headlines. It’s important to know this timing in that your clients are digesting their optics on the market via headlines…when you are not front of them to educate. Let’s talk about this so are always be prepared…

When our NWMLS publishes their monthly statistical report and commentary (this month our chief economist – Matthew Gardner – chimed in) – within 24 hours of this NWMLS monthly report, this data is released to the media. Thus, you’ll see a headline within The Seattle Times the very next day. A great habit is to read the NWMLS statistical report; watch for The Seattle Times (next day) and then marry it all with your current experience and the chatter inside of your office and out on tour. Ok, where did we end up this week in headlines as we moved into February?

NWMLS >  Home buyers in Western Washington “hit the ground running” in January. Go to homepage of NWMLS for full article.

The Seattle Times > Tight housing inventories and January price jumps hint at a seller’s spring. Full article; here.

What would be your headline? Think about. You’ll be asked by your clients! And when they ask you; be sure to ask them which market they are referring to. Your answer should meet them where they are at! Do that = trust gained.  There is magic to be had in those 30 seconds. Listen for it.

***The release of monthly NWMLS statistical reports are also the catapult for Windermere Stats to complete our reports, social media content and talking points. Those should be ready for our presses (aka, you) next week. Look for them here on Fridays with Laura and your office recaps. Certainly plenty to talk about, together.***

If you take the time to dig into what I’ve shared above, that is plenty to digest for today. We are in it and yes, “running” per the NWMLS commentary.

All in, for you. All in, for us. Here to help – the ultimate goal.

People first. Business second. The rest will take care of itself.


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