It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | podcast prep + cash is king + love me some HUB + Custom Xpress gets a facelift + remembering the Viaduct


Welcome to the close of this week; let’s take a sweep and digest what I’ve noticed. A little something for everyone is always the goal.

Thank you to those that have chimed in thus far in what “legal bites” you’d like t’d up on my next podcast with David Daniel and Demco Law Firm. To date, we’ll dust off a few items around proper EM receipts (and proof of deposits), what hot spots came up in 2019 thru DOL audits (and how you can help us stay audit proof!) and statute around resale certs. What also came up this week in several conversations was DADUs (Detached Accessory Dwelling Units) – which will naturally roll into another podcast. Thanks everyone! Text me if you want anything further on the next “legal bites” episode to be considered for content! 206.227.7133

…and a reminder, with the spring season on upon us, open title early and have your title rep review it to head off problems. Early is the key word!


Have you heard of Buyer Capital? Are you competing with FlyHomes?

What else came up this week? Competing against FlyHomes and their ability to put a buyer in a “cash” position to compete in yet another competitive marketplace. You should not lose business to this model. Here is your Windermere option. Digest it! Need help understanding? Ping your manager to dig further with you.

*Note: Using Buyer Capital to become a cash buyer is dependent on a buyer receiving a guaranteed loan. Seek the guaranteed first; then look to see if Buyer Capital can put your Buyer in an even stronger position. Looking for a legit “guaranteed loan” program? Ask Penrith.


Who is using the new Windermere Hub? Here are my top 3 HUB posts I reviewed this week. These I picked based on early exploration in what/why around the HUB and keeping you safe in 2020 on-line. *type these key words into the “search posts” feature within the HUB! Yes, you’ll need to login…


Email Notification Form

Security Resource Center


Next week, Custom Xpress is launching its new User interface on Friday, February 7th. The first phase of Custom Xpress’s new interface is to be be more intuitive, mobile friendly, and offer an enhanced user experience that is far superior to the current site (see screenshot below). Throughout the next year there will be additional enhancements to Custom Xpress’s interface and user experience.

 A note from Windermere Services to us owners, managers and staff received today:

“Please note that during certain experiences, such as proofing and customizing an item, it will revert to Custom Xpress’s old UI. We are working with Custom Xpress to update the entire site from the old UI, including enhancing the proofing tool with on-template editing to make the proofing process more efficient. 

This announcement will be sent to your agents on Wednesday, February 5, but you are welcome to share this information with them in the meantime.  

If you have any questions, contact Custom Xpress support at or (866) 977-3627, or Windermere’s Marketing Helpdesk at or (888) 333-8923″

New User Interface Screenshot:

That should take us to the end of this week; beginning for some with a weekend chalked full of real estate I’m certain! And oh, for fun – ran across this Crosscut article; Meet the Seattle photographer who memorialized the last days of the waterfront highway. Remembering the Viaduct

“Photographer Eirik Johnson is an artist in search of transformation. Often, he finds it in hidden places. Sometimes it is out in the open. And every once in a while it is impossible to ignore. That was the case with his most recent project, in which the Seattle native recorded the last days of the Alaskan Way Viaduct as it was unwoven from the fabric of the city”…here.

Signing off for the evening! Planning on catching some high school basketball on this wet Friday night!

All in, for you. All in, for us.


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