It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | Top 10 “from home”


Welcome to Friday, let’s sweep! …ok, more like sweep, sanitize and adjust to our new normal around a daily digesting of news headlines around the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and our collective responses to all. On Thursday; OB Jacobi released an email to our Windermere owners, managers and brokers with guidelines for us as we navigate the coming days; weeks; possible months head. Please digest his memo in full if you haven’t (yet). I thought it was very well done. *can’t find it? Text me: 206.227.7133

As we find ourselves possibly working from home a little more often &/or in offices that may not be buzzing with as much broker activity inside our resource rooms, I thought to take today’s post and offer a Top 10 list focused on what we might do with a little down time. As we know; our industry is a lead > lag industry. The activity we do today leads to results in our businesses 30-60-90-120 out. We can keep our activity up with the right focus – even from home.

PS; let’s not collapse less in-office activity to what is happening each week in the market. The market is still moving. Did you reads today’s Seattle Times article?

Amid coronavirus concerns, Seattle homebuying frenzy continues

Idea’s Worth Spreading
  1. Reasons’ to make calls? Is there anyone in your database that could benefit from a refinance. Money is most likely cheaper if they purchased in the last year or two!
  2. Write some notes. Receiving a handwritten note has a perceived value of roughly $100 per note. Reasons to write? Just thinking about you. Thank you. Congratulations. *social media gives you cues all day long.
  3. Highest ROI (return on investment)? Get your Annual Real Estate Review (ARR’s) process dialed in! *although I’m not a fan of emailing AAR’s = I’m a fan of email currently! You can even speak to that upon delivering electronically. People will appreciate that.
  4. Clean up that database! *Watch the video released today on the “New and Improved People” functionality within our database/Moxi. The anticipated updates launch this Monday.
  5. Read a book from the recommended Ninja list.  Ideas here. or catch up on some TED Talks. Ideas here. 
  6. Clean up all that lovely “stuff” that has accumulated on your computer and organize it! Feels so good.
  7. Been meaning to get into your Auto Flow groove? Add people to Neighborhood News.
  8. Listen to the podcasts. Looking for my podcast? All 19 Episodes right here for you.
  9. Finish your taxes. I am!
  10. Discipline. Work on your morning routine. If anyone wants help in creating their morning routine, please reach out to me. It is the single most important “activity” that leads to my day to day success. And, when live brings uncertainty (these days indeed), it is also the single most important “activity” that I lean on and into to craft a beautiful day. Here is an example of how to set it up. 20x20x20 (Robin Sharma). ***Next week I’m going to give you an example of how this practice brought me success thru discipline. Hint hint: It is a story of me being deposed in a lawsuit this week. I representing WRE Co. It was a first for me (hopeful last) and yet I was able to prepare & present in a confident position despite the plaintiff’s attorney doing her best to rattle me. I thank my morning routine in getting me thru!

I hope you each find value somewhere within my Top 10 for this week. And as we navigate the headlines & environments in reaction to the Coronavirus, may we choose grace and kindness during these days that feel a little uncertain. Each of us will respond differently to to all; and each of our reactions is exactly right for us

Be well, please be very well.


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