It’s Friday, let’s sweep! |Flattening the (COVID-19) Curve” + Adjusting to social responsibility + moving the market


Welcome to Friday, let’s sweep this week (briefly)…and continue to respond with uncertain times with our superpower: hand washing! The last 48 hours has brought about a sea of change with COVID-19. Our Governor called for a halt on large gatherings. School closures were announced with closures being extended until April 24th 2020. Parents (me included) are moving from making lunches to becoming teachers. The stock market entered bear territory. Celebrities have the virus. The NBA postponed their season and March Madness is cancelled. That said, our own March Madness has not been cancelled or postponed in our local real estate markets; thus making it paramount we stay connected beyond the headlines and find ways to adjust; adapt; support; serve. Real estate is a people business. We control the process and clients control the decisions. Provide your clients information and ask great questions.


An Idea Worth Spreading: Joe Stumpf’s “complete communication”

In meeting with Windermere broker, Pamela Jenson this week she shared a “complete communication” activity that is filling her pipeline in engagement, connection, gratitude and business. I share this idea being it is something that can be done while we are distancing ourselves from our offices yet continuing our momentum in activity  + connection in 2020. Here is an idea worth spreading: Text + Call + Text (video) + Note


1. Think of someone you’d like to connect with. Similar to reasons you’d call or write a handwritten note. “Just thinking about you” “Congratulations” “Happy Birthday” Etc…

2. Start with a text. “Hey, just thinking about you…

3. Text leads to a call. You connect via a call (“live” contact)

4. After the call; record a quick video follow up and send via text “It was great to talk with you and…”

5. Note; natural opportunity in front of you to send a handwritten note.

Give it a try, let me know how it goes! Pamela is having to pace herself in how many of these “complete communications” she does each week because they are working so well! Indeed, an idea worth spreading while we are crave human connection; knowing we are not alone and that people care during uncertain times.


Demco is putting together an additional clause to consider during these times of uncertainly. This is a preview to what will be included in a Legal Bulletin early next week. If you plan to put this into action; please connect with your manager as this is a preview and not (yet) final. This addresses many of your calls to me these past 72 hours.

If the county recorder’s office is unable to record the deed on the Closing Date through no fault of Buyer or Seller, the Closing Date shall be extended for up to ________ days (30 if left blank) and this Agreement shall close as soon as possible within said extension period. If the recorder’s office is still unable to record the deed after expiration of the extension period, this Agreement shall terminate and all deposits, including earnest money and non-refundable deposits, shall be returned to Buyer.

Again, a Legal Bulletin from Demco walking us thru the “why” and consideration with the above clause is being finished and ready for prime time next week.



Putting a wrap on this week. Fresh air, long walks, good sleep and excellent communication will fill the following days. Please follow your office’s instructions in how we will together “flatten the (COVID-19) curve” as we chose social responsibility with our actions. No doubt this is an unprecedented time yet I plan to continue to lean deeper into my focus; people first, business second…the rest will take care of itself. I am confident we’ll find ourselves on the better side of this at some point and we will again gather in all we do.

Be well, here to help.

Keep calm & wash your hands! #OurSuperPower


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