Today, let’s sweep | I went for a drive…


Yes, that is my son 2 feet high jumping on top of his sister; smashing & smothering her with the pillows. Fortunately this only went on for 20 minutes. This week for you and me however this went on all day; everyday. Smooshed, smothered and trying to come up for air in navigating uncertainty, breaking news reports, press conferences, stock market, social responsiblity and fear. The beginning of spring brought us the best gift of all; sunshine. Yet, with all of this – I’m not sharing anything you don’t know. We are all in it together. I will share however a snapshot of one gift of spring. *picture taken by my daughter on a late afternoon walk…


I hope so very much so that you are doing okay during these uncertain times. Our family has been operating “as if” we have been given a Shelter-in-Place (SIP) order. I’ve been focused on preparing offices “as if” we have been given a SIP order. That hasn’t happened, however it does have us all on edge.

So, I went for a drive today…

I went for a one hour drive; just me. This hour drive was very intentional. I had a one-hour podcast I wanted to listen to (more on that later). I spent one hour driving our city. I wanted to see what people were up to. I wanted to see how people were adjusting to our current new normal – distancing and the like – on a Saturday. And I wanted to drive by small businesses. I wanted to be connected to our city beyond my house, my front yard waiving at neighbors, neighboring park without organized sports from sun up to sun down and our immediate local streets. I got a very good feel for those environments the past week. I wanted to see beyond my immediate reach.

What did I notice on my drive? 

I noticed a lot of good. My post drive analysis became focused however on the small businesses. I drove slowly by the storefronts. Some front doors were open for business. Some doors were closed for business. I drove by coffee houses; bakeries; local restaurants open for pick up or delivery and even a dry cleaner. I think they all had a sign in their window in how they were taking on social responsibility; keep calm & wash your hands, take-out only etc…

I share this story because it is a good reminder that our real estate industry is chalked full of just that; small businesses. Think about your office for a minute. Let’s say there are 50 brokers in your office. Truly, when you boil it all down each of those 50 brokers are essentially a small business. You are a small business.

Why do I bring us here? I bring us here because as we move further into the weeks ahead I believe we’ll need to keep this top of mind. Each of you will evaluate your small business. Some of you will choose to close your door for a period of time. Some of you will keep your door open. Either way; we must trust each other that will take on the epic social responsibility in front of all of us.

You may not agree with your neighboring business (i.e. your peers) to close up shop or remain open. That is ok, yet keep in mind such decision for each business is complex and not black and white. As with your Buyers & Sellers – taking a couple weeks or months off might be the right call. For other Buyers & Sellers – staying in the market may be the right call. Until (and only if) we are given a Shelter-in-Place notice we will navigate this dual environment together; as small businesses.

Back to that one hour drive today…

What did Laura listen to on her drive you ask? I listened to Thursday’s Facebook “live” with KCM’s Steve Harney / Tom Ferry. I would ask everyone to listen/watch it. No need to summarize into digestible pieces, as the full hour is worth it.

How to Effectively Serve Your Clients & Community During the Age of Coronavirus: CALM & CARING THROUGH CRISIS | w/ Tom Ferry & Steve Harney right here.


 I loved my drive today. Just me. Just what the doctor ordered after one very long week of being smooshed & smothered by uncertainty all the while trying to come up for air – as seen in the pillow fight between my son and daughter today. Windows were open (even the sunroof) and evidence throughout our city that people are are trying to respond in creative ways to social responsibility and take in spring all at the same time.

As Tom Ferry boldly shares in his FB “live” video it is also time for each of us to “up our MEDS” = Meditation. Exercise. Diet. Sleep. Do it! So that we may too take care of each other; when called upon.

And oh, Tom Ferry also boldly suggested; this is the time to over communicate. Thus far the morning news is often old by afternoon. This week, I will be working to post a recap daily on what I’m seeing and hearing on this blog. Zoom will also continue to take over my days. Thank goodness for technology that too allows us to stay connected. This week I was able to connect with over 200+ people; hitting repeat in the coming weeks. This is the time to step up and commute to over communicating!


Ps, if you are wanting to implement Zoom into this new normal of life right now, I’m happy to help. The more we all stay connected the better. This week will also include book club; happy hour and a good old fashioned game of battle ship with the cousins via Zoom!

Text/call if you need a bat phone; we all will need that someone to reach out to in the coming days; weeks months. Check in on each other.

Committed to “calm + caring thru crisis.” All in, for you. All in, for us.


3 thoughts on “Today, let’s sweep | I went for a drive…

  1. Dina Harvey says:

    Hi Laura

    This blog post was really great to wake up to! So glad you were able to catch your breath on a drive yesterday. You hold a lot of pressure and weight for all of us, thank you!!


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