It’s today | “When purpose is bigger than pain, purpose wins.”


Originally I shared this blog post on Sunday 4.5.2020. I’m leaving it here as many people have appreciate these  24 minutes as much as I did and I want to make it easy access for others to digest. A good friend of mine share this with me…thank you Mike Ferreri! Mike, looking forward to our next sushi lunch when we can gather again!

Mike had the luxury of talking with the Seahawks High Performance psychologist Michael Gervais this week. There is a lot here. Yes, we can perform at a high level from our living rooms during our Stay Order.

When purpose is bigger than pain, purpose wins.”

“When pain is bigger than purpose, pain wins.”

I hope you too will find something within these 24 minutes that assists in “purpose” winning your days to come…

Tune in here. 

And let’s take moment to digest a few numbers today too…

[below written 4.5.2020 – will continue a focused on weekly #’s]


Thank you broker Sol Villarreal for sharing “the science” you are following – week by week. These #’s are for single family homes, townhomes and condos within the city limits of Seattle.

Sol ran the below numbers comparing March 25th – April 4th of this year (the period from the day the stay-at-home order went into place through to today) to March 25th – April 4th of last year.

3/25/19 – 4/4/19

New listings: 582

Listings that went Pending Inspection prior to 4/4/19: 32 (5.5%)

Listings that went Pending prior to 4/4/19: 72 (12.4%)

Listings that were still active as of 4/4/19: 478 (82.1%)

3/25/20 – 4/4/20

New listings: 241 (down 58.6%)

Listings that went Pending Inspection: 13 (5.4%)

Listings that went Pending: 27 (11.2%)

Listings that are still active: 201 (83.4%)

Listing volume is down 58.6%, but in terms of the number of homes going pending and pending inspection, the rates are almost exactly the same this year vs. last year, even with the stay-at-home order in place.

Take in the sunshine where you can. It has a way to keep us powered up as we settle into the longer miles ahead in this marathon.


Home. Healthy. Grateful. #healthbeforehouses



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