It’s Friday, let’s sweep! |EM vigilance + feeding the front lines + big 3 Q’s



Welcome to Friday, I’m very pleased to be saying that. Why? Because I do believe we’ve reached a moment to which I’m back to my “Friday” blogging vs daily need – which says a lot. This gives me a sense of calm and normalcy to an otherwise continued uncertain  environment. So, let’s say it again – welcome to Friday, let’s sweep!

Please continue to be vigilant with Earnest Money: PSA

We have heard that there was a fraudulent situation where there was someone standing out front of an escrow company who collected a large cashier’s check (EM or down payment) who was not with the escrow company. If you are delivering checks checks to escrow please be aware of this type of potential scam. I recommend that you obtain instructions from a verified source at the escrow company prior to sending or delivering any payment. Each escrow company will have instructions specific to its own procedures to identify/verify proper personnel

*Continue to work with your office on safe practices in handling Earnest Money*

“Feed the Front Lines” Campaign



If you’ve been looking for a way to help our city’s medical front-liners fighting COVID-19, Windermere Real Estate Co. has created an easy solution. To show our appreciation for the folks at UW Medicine Neighborhood Clinics who are working tirelessly to care for a high volume of patients, we’ve started a drive to get these medical professionals lunch twice a week. 

We are proud to partner on this project with Renee Erikson, a James Beard Foundation award winner, and her restaurant The Whale Wins. Meals will be carefully constructed and individually packaged, then delivered by Windermere brokers to UW Medicine’s in-city clinics. This drive will serve both as a thank you to our medical front-liners and as a boost to a beloved local business. 

So far Windermere brokers have raised $5,000 for this drive. Our goal is to raise $19,000 to provide over 1200 lunches. I invite you to join the drive if you feel you are able. These are challenging days for everyone, so if you prefer not to participate at this time that is completely understandable. If you do wish to contribute, you can donate here on the Windermere Foundation’s website. Simply type “Feed the Front Lines” in the Office Name box and choose your donation amount before continuing through the easy and secure checkout. 

Regardless of how you choose to proceed, thank you for considering this request and for standing together with Windermere Real Estate Co. and me at this incredibly challenging time. We are All in, for Seattle.

Donate here.


Big 3 Challenge Questions

As we approach this weekend, I have 3 challenge questions for you to begin to think about. This is where I’m spending my thought as we settle further into these “longer miles” of the Stay Home, Stay Healthy marathon. I am hopeful we will never experience this sort of this global pause again, yet such pause does also allow for true critical & inspired thought. These big 3 questions are on my mind; sharing with you.

1.  What can you do RIGHT NOW (ABSOLUTELY MOST IMPORTANT) to come out in 3-4 months in GO MODE?

2.  What MUST you do to THRIVE not SURVIVE?

3.  What is the OPPORTUNITY in front of you?


Next week (actually today) marks the start of spring break for our kids. I’m hopeful to find these beach chairs at our family cabin, breathe deeply, critically think, find stillness and take in what spring is giving us – all of it.


And oh, let’s wrap this week up with an “idea worth spreading” as shared by Peter Hedlund (fab staffer at our Ballard office!)…
…”So I got really bored of drip coffee during the stay at home order, so I researched into making at home cappuccinos and lattes. 
I bought a cheap moka pot for making espresso, and discovered this easy way to foam milk using my french press. I heat up milk, poor it into my french press and use the plunger to pump the milk until it’s nice and foamy! Then poor it into my espresso.”

Welcome to Friday everyone, feels good to say that.

Committed to “calm + caring thru crisis.” All in, for you. All in, for us.


2 thoughts on “It’s Friday, let’s sweep! |EM vigilance + feeding the front lines + big 3 Q’s

  1. maggieweissman says:

    Nice one, Laura. Here’s to those beach chairs.

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