Welcome to Friday, let’s sweep! | what we haven’t done + weekly #’s + Yale’s most popular course in 300-year history!


Welcome to Friday! A focus today on what we didn’t do this week, what we haven’t done during our Stay order and what continues to clutter (and frustrate) our minds. In our house, we call this the “shoulds” list. Let’s bring some welcomed perspective (at least for me) to this conversation from a 4.7.20 article published on Upworthy. Cliff note version: let’s not forget to give ourselves a sense of grace and a reminder of why we are in this Stay order in the first place.

ps, the end of today’s post I’m share the most popular course in Yale’s 300-year history, The Science of Well Being…complimentary to you + me! The course is 10 weeks and teaches students how to be happy; without having to go to Yale to take it. This too we can do from our living room as we slowly + safely begin to further turning the dial on real estate. As a psychology major (which I am), I would have eaten this content up within my degree! Might just have to add to my coursework.

First though, this…

A trauma psychologist weighs in on the risks of ‘motivational’ pressure during quarantine. 


A “motivational” message has been circulating during the coronavirus lockdown, which is allegedly supposed to kick our butts into gear since most of us now have more time on our hands.

On its face, it may sound logical. We often don’t do things because we lack time—or think we do—so now that we supposedly have more time, we should be doing those things now, right?

Just one thing though—there’s a deadly global pandemic and massive economic crisis happening, which might be just the tiniest bit distracting right now, Jeremy.

A trauma psychologist from Beirut weighed in on this idea that we should be extra productive right now, and she didn’t mince words. Alaa Hijazi’sFacebook post has been shared 19,000 times, so people are clearly appreciating her wisdom. She wrote:

I thought I was spared the horrid ‘motivational’ phrase going around now—’If you don’t come out of this with a new skill, you never lacked time, you lacked discipline’—until I saw it on my local yoga studio page.

As a trauma psychologist, I am utterly utterly horrified, enraged, and bewildered about how people can believe and spread this phrase in good conscience.

We are going through a collective trauma, that is bringing up profound grief, loss, panic over livelihoods, panic over loss of lives of loved ones. People’s nervous systems are barely coping with the sense of threat and vigilance for safety, or alternating with feeling numb and frozen and shutting down in response to it all.

People are trying to survive poverty, fear, retriggering of trauma, retriggering of other mental health difficulties. Yet, someone has the nerve to accuse someone of lack of discipline for not learning a new skill, and by a yoga teacher!

This cultural obsession with [capitalistic] ‘productivity’ and always spending time in a ‘productive,’ ‘fruitful’ way is absolutely maddening.

What we need is more self-compassion, more gentle acceptance of all the difficult emotions coming up for us now, more focus on gentle ways to soothe ourselves and our pain and the pain of loved ones around us, not a whipping by some random (person) making us feel worse about ourselves in the name of ‘motivation.'”

Indeed. Even those of us who are still employed full-time are finding it difficult to focus some days like we used to. The enormity of this pandemic and the global shutdown over it weighs heavy on all of us. Our sense of normality has been turned upside down and the uncertainty over what even the near future holds makes sustained attention a challenge.

Add in the fact that many people now have children at home who used to be at school or childcare, many are struggling to figure out how they’re going to pay rent or buy groceries, many are watching businesses or careers they’ve spent years building crumble before their eyes, many have health conditions that make them anxious about catching the virus, and it’s not hard to see how neither “time” nor “discipline” are our big problems right now.

If you want to go read books on hustling and build up some skill set, Jeremy, go for it. But let’s not lay a guilt trip on people who are going through a traumatic experience that none of us have experienced before and none of us were prepared for.4.7.20 article published on Upworthy.


Need some weekly #’s to better understand where our market is this week?

For King County, new sales increasing and are trending up (The low was 40% of prior year increasing week by week to 44%, 56% and 65% ). New listings and new sales are increasing every week since the Stay Home Order went into effect.  When performing real estate activities outside of your home, please continue to take extreme caution (masks, gloves, social distancing, normal body temperature) to keep the community, each other, your clients, and yourself safe.

Note: if you want me to forward you a longer #’s recap for this week: text me! Just ask. 206.227.7133

Want to go back to school during our Stay order?


As hinted at the start of today’s blog post, sharing Dr. Santos most popular course in Yale’s 300-year history, The Science of Well Being, which teaches students how to be happy. Related Upworthy article and your back to school portal here.

Next week, I will begin messaging where I believe we are headed as our new normal in our real estate practices and in supporting our clients that need our services. As Gov. Inslee hinted this week; May 4th will not be the day we “flip a switch” in turning on our economy fully, yet we will continue to “turn the dial” safely in doing so. Next week I will also be sharing a Stay Home, Stay Safe self-assessment. As we get even further into this marathon, I believe it is a very good time to take current inventory of our mindset + skillsets + actions as we continue to plant seeds towards a strong recovery.

Continue to Go Slow & Do No Harm. #healthbeforehouses

Committed to “calm + caring thru crisis.” All in, for you. All in, for us.


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