A “stay home, stay healthy” checkpoint

This week’s mile(s); a checkpoint.

Welcome to a new week within our Stay Home, Stay Healthy environment. As Gov. Inslee further prepares and communicates with WA State on what further reopening our economy will look like, my gut tells me this week is a good time for a “checkpoint” within our own marathon.

This “checkpoint” is of self-assessment. Sharing a tool below to help in grabbing very well earned hydration + fuel as we prepare for the continued miles ahead.

If you are finding your scores lower than you had hoped at this “checkpoint” – focus on this > what vital few activities can you do in the miles ahead to increase those scores as we prepare for recovery? What are non-negotiable?

 There will be a finish line to our Stay Home, Stay Healthy marathon. Our recovery will be a direct reflection of our focus right now. I’m still very much laced up and running right alongside of you…



SIP Self-Assessment


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