It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | some things haven’t changed, some things will soon

Did you remember there is a holiday approaching – aka, this Monday!?! Being that a Sundays can feel like Monday and Mondays can sometimes feel like Saturday within our Stay Home, Stay Healthy order – I almost missed all that is…Memorial Day weekend! #MemorialDayIsHere
Some things haven’t changed – good to remember that!
When computing time for purchase and sale agreements, please regard Monday, May 25th as a legal holiday. Memorial Day is a legal holiday under Washington law.
What else hasn’t changed?
The basics of our everyday. Helping people stay current.
As economists continue to evaluate a mix of business, health and people sciences with our eyes on recovery, here are the 4 things within KCM’s May message that are powerful reminders of where our focus should be with our people.
Ask yourself these 4 questions below. If your answer is “no” or “could be improved” – ask for help. We’ve got it, just ask!

> Is my communication simple and effective?

> Am I hyper current on all housing information? *text me if you are looking for this week’s stats & talking points. 206.227.7133

> Am I mixing microdata/local data with your macro or U.S. data with my people? *text me if you’d like to log into KCM and give it a go.

> Have I successfully navigated use of videos on social media and Zoom meetings in communicating with your database of people that know + like + trust you?

…and some change is for the G O O D!

One slide from KCM that I often refer to in my blog has been updated with 2020 data vs 2019 (% of homeowner equity up from 2019) – an uptick from 2019. Change is good!

Signing off today with one more item where change will be good, once each county is approved for Phase 2 of the Stay Home, Stay Safe order. During Phase 2, you will be allowed for 3 people onsite at a time, including you. During the current Phase 1, we are still at 2 only onsite, including you. You have adjusted nicely – thank Y O U!
Changes are coming our way as we move through phases in reopening business in Washington State. This 4 minute video from WR gives you further insight.
Note: Within that video, Annie Fitzsimmons speaks to physical real estate offices being able to open once an individual county is approved for Phase 2. That said, this too will not be a “turn on a light switch” approach – it will have to be a “turn the dial” approach.
I have been preparing and am ready for that first turn of our dial! Now, for the health statistics to show us we are all ready!
All in, for you. All in, for us.

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