Welcome to Friday, let’s sweep! | ingredients for resiliency (guest speaker!)

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Welcome to Friday, let’s sweep! In my humble opinion, this week’s sweep is a meaningful moment in recalibrating our resiliency together moving forward. As we await continued improvement with our local and global health statistics to show us we are ready to further open our business and lives – I am certain there are blindspots and struggles we have not yet faced. We’ll need to find continued resiliency to endure these next miles.

I’ve brought in a special person and message for you with a focus on key ingredients that just may help us with our resiliency.

For many of you, let me first take you back to our 2020 kickoff events as we prepared to set tone + focus for a New Year. No doubt what we are experiencing collectively right now was not a part of our programming on our stage that day. Gian Paul Gonzalez however was on our stage that day and I’ve brought him back to help guide us onward deeper into 2020.

For those of you who have not yet had a chance to hear Gian Paul on stage, welcome to this virtual stage and messaging during our Stay Home, Stay Healthy order.

PSA: this message is 27 minutes. My hope in working with Gian Paul was a brief hello and check in with all of us – he gave us much more than that. He’s just that kind of guy!

To wrap this week, I’ve written two words below in bold. They will make more sense after you watch Gian Paul’s message…


“Let’s stay all in by being resilient.” – Gian Paul Gonzalez

…and please share this message with anyone. In “showing up” for each other – despite distanced – we too can each be a key ingredient to another person’s resilience.

All In, for you. All In, for us.


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