It’s Friday, let’s sweep | what if…


Welcome to Friday, let’s sweep this week as we again prepare for another, together. Before I get to the “what if…” within my subject line, let’s first look at what is so that we may continue to know our numbers and craft a true narrative for our clients who need to know! *Tammy Heldridge, thank you for your text this week and share of this quote – both meaningful to me…

“The two skills of modern business: storytelling & spreadsheets. Know the numbers. Craft the narrative.”

Ok everyone! Here is what is as we sweep & digest this week…

Seattle May Monthly Talking Points (based on Residential report):

Full reports & archives for Seattle, Eastside, King, Snohomish updated on | need password? text me: 206.227.7133

Based on Seattle Residential report:

Through May 2020, sales have steadily increased since the Stay Home order on March 25, though listings have not.

Pending Sales for the Month of May were down 12% (799 for May 2020 vs 903 May 2019).

Active listings were off 41% from year ago (816 for May 2020 vs 1,386 May 2019).

Median closed sales price is down 3% ($765,000 in May 2020 vs $784,925 May 2019)

Buyers are competing with each other.

34% of sales closed for more than asking price in May.

69% of sales had less than 15 days market time in May.

Weekly stats (thru 6.10.2020) are again updated under “weekly” tab on windermerestats:

Quick digestible bites from our weekly #’s

King County Residential Only:

The number of new pending sales for the week ended 6/10/20 vs 6/12/19 are about the same in King County (100%), up in Snohomish (110%), up in Seattle (103%), and down slightly on the Eastside (93%).


What if…

And now for a share (or re-share) that many of you may have already seen, yet I keep going back to it as it has continued to be helpful to me as we navigate 2020. With this week’s sweep, I wanted to include as to amplify the message.

Our kids cleaned out their lockers and virtual lockers yesterday as they wrapped up 5th & 7th grade. Next week we are jumping in a camper van to get lost in being off-grid and off-line.  These what if scenarios will fuel my wondering mind. Looking forward to time dedicated to thought, listening and connecting with my family as we transition to summer. *if you are curious, yes – our son is officially the tallest one in the family.




BLM_Social Graphic_v5


It’s important to remember the mind is like a parachute, it works best when it is open.”

I am listening,

Laura Smith | Windermere Real Estate Co. :: 206.227.7133


4 thoughts on “It’s Friday, let’s sweep | what if…

  1. Peggy Frasse says:

    This is EVERYTHING Laura. Grateful hearing you and your family and taking off for the open road. Walla Walla is here and you are welcome to stop and do some laundry and have a real shower here. Plenty of room. Dogs welcome too.

    Peggy Frasse Windermere Real Estate Co 206-854-5757

    Mobile delivery, please excuse possible typos…



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