Welcome to Friday, let’s sweep | I’m listening.

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There’s a lot of turmoil in our world at the moment, caused by long-standing inequalities that have deep roots in our country. Our community is the heart of Windermere and that heart is hurting. As a real estate office, we have historically not spoken out on matters of social and racial justice, and sometimes we struggle with knowing exactly what to say. But remaining silent isn’t the answer, and this statement is long overdue. Black Lives Matter. While we support everyone equally and have zero tolerance for those who don’t, the ongoing violence against the Black community shows us that there is still a long way to go. Undoing what divides us is hard, ongoing work, but it is necessary. Let’s draw strength from each other, inspire one another, and listen closely to the individual stories told by each of our neighbors. Without hearing and understanding these perspectives, we cannot truly build the community we all want to call home.

I’m listening. – Laura

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to Friday, let’s sweep | I’m listening.

  1. Corrie Watterson says:

    Thank you for speaking out, Laura. It makes me proud to be a Windermere agent to have leaders who are so clear in their support for Black lives and the need for change.


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