It’s Sunday, our city is on my mind!

Good morning Seattle, you are on my mind!

Sunday mornings are my morning to catch up on the world beyond my everyday.

While one year ago – these words were our collective story…

The heart of our city is quiet.

But the heart of Seattle beats strong.

You’re doing your part so they [essential healthcare workers] can do theirs.

This is how we defeat the virus.

Flatten the curve.

We don’t own the timeline.

But this is how we take control of it.

This is how we’ll get our city back.

And the comeback will be spectacular.

…this week, within my Sunday readings I enjoyed most GeekWire’s sharing of the Downtown Seattle Association “The Heart of Seattle is open” video depiction of welcoming people back and a hopeful view of our recovery.

Have a good week everyone. Turn up your volume & enjoy these 77 seconds…


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