Gratitude. Exhale. Resurgence.

I will be away + unplugged + out of our offices this coming week. Back in the office April 12; blog posts April 16th.

As I take pause, I am fueled by my appreciate for you; those that – as a real estate community – helped each other navigated this past year together. One year ago – each of us took a gigantic inhale – one filled with so much uncertainty. We now each find the beginnings of our exhale and greet a world that has been transformed by a global pandemic.

As we discover our exhale, I look forward to our opportunities in embracing continued signs of hope, inspiration and less uncertainty. Over the past 365+ days I’ve written & spoken to resilience and endurance. In the coming weeks and months my words and leadership will pivot to an era of resurgence.

I hope you will join me in those signs of resurgence as a real estate community and within our city. Our next pivots are those that will lead us thru & beyond the last 365 + days.

Off to fly a kite for a week and then to double down on our resurgence together…


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