It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | a cleaner, a beach party, a cup of tea with an attorney, the science and a hat

What does a new cleaning service, a beach party, a cup of tea with an attorney, science & a hat have in common? Just another week in putting together a blog post to sweep this week. The goal of this habit for me has always been to give a place for digestible bites of what is in front of us week by week. Fun fact: yesterday marked the anniversary of 5 years of Fridays With Laura. To celebrate, the first 5 people to share with me what content you have most appreciated over the weeks & now years will have a small surprise gift coming their way! Thanks for sharing with me, I sure hope my sharing has been meaningful to you – in some digestible way. 5 years = 252 posts!

Ok, let’s sweep the week – and literally, as I’m sharing a new cleaning service that just popped up by one of our own!

Windermere Ballard broker Cari Sulcer saw a need in our industry and has launch a solve. Scrub Pop has popped up for you to schedule a cleaning anytime, from anywhere using their quick booking form. When booking you provide type of service: Move-out cleaning, vacant cleaning, occupied cleaning and other special requests, as needed. With two decades of working in the real estate industry, Cari has a strong understanding of how powerful and useful it is to build a reliable team of experts around you. She is willing to share those around her to help you! Full sweep on Scrub Pop right here.

Reset. Regroup. Restore. From the beach or from your home – Symposium 2021 registration opened this week. Follow the links from the HUB to check out all details. This is what I know > I registered this week > I booked flights this week > I grabbed my hotel reservation this week. I’ll be in Hawaii in October 2021.

I hope to see as many of you that can make it to the beach party on October 20th 2021 – the evening before we launch into the full Symposium content curated for you. For those that can not make the journey this year – there is also a remote/virtual option – which too includes CEs. Either way, it’s nice to finally have something on my calendar to look forward to! Follow the HUB to take you where you want to go for registration & details – all right here.

I sat down with David Daniel of Demco Law Firm earlier this week for a cup of tea and a discussion about the new round of NWMLS forms revisions that launched Monday – 4.12.21. Here is the video we recorded. *22 minutes, 22 seconds in discussion.

What have I noticed this week? When I wear my new hat – it’s two things. 1. a mood changer for me! 2. a conversation starter with others. Hey. It’s not easy in what we are doing right now. And. Everyone is trying their best to find their exhale after a very long 365+ days. I am acutely aware of the deep inhale I took over a year ago and am too now discovering the beginnings of an exhale. As Windermere Ballard manager, Brent Sanders shared with me his mantra this past year & now beyond “always be kind“. I couldn’t agree more. #ABK

Beyond kindness, I’ll wrap this week with science – in both Seattle’s market and gratitude for getting my vaccine this morning. Both find me in a total state of amazement.

Welcome to Friday. Here to help – the ultimate goal. – Laura

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