It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | week #2 architecture of resurgence

Architecture of Resurgence | 5 areas of focus “made visible”


This week I had several opportunities to provide one of my all-time favorite videos on success; specifically “How Incredibly Successful People Think” – six minutes right here for you when you are ready.


Moxi Present – specifically a nod to the Buyer Tour template and suggested uses!

Buyer Tour – This template in Present is a perfect way to provide value in many ways – a few key points:

Interactive with buyers by having a ratings system and directions from one place to the next.

Set up an Open House Tour for buyer if you aren’t able to show them homes on a weekend – set up a buyer tour, they are able to rate each house and give feedback (that goes straight to your inbox), and get directions from each listing to the next. A little tip: in each listing you can edit the comments and put in what you think about the house to show you have already been through it, and your feedback…utilize video by creating a quick YouTube video at the start of the tour saying  “hello, and tell them about your favorite café between house 2 and 3 and you threw 10 bucks in their Venmo for a coffee on you”  — it’s a great way for buyers to know you are thinking of them and doing leg work for them without having to “physically be with them” if you have more than 1 buyer (and they will never know that they are not your only clients!)!

Create virtual tours with out-of-town buyers so they can be interactive while you are taking them through the house, or send over prior to going on a tour with your buyers so they know the plan, and have directions to each place.


Broker hosts an open house. Broker has prepared for the open house including use of her tools; specifically her Present tool (yup, the one from above!). Had Buyer Tour prepped (with local sales, open houses, etc…), visual on laptop and available for conversation with visitors. A couple engaged in said conversation – leaves open house – calls broker two hours later and says “we aren’t buyers, we actually need to sell our home and we were impressed with you, your prep, your set up, use of technology and are wondering if you’d be interested in selling our home?”

Drumroll please…yes, she said yes to the listing! Yet more to my point here, this is an example of both excellence in prep and a reminder (storytelling) that often those visiting open houses are too sellers. Prepare to engage in both conversations! People notice.


SAVE THE DATE: Tuesday, May 25th 12-1:30pm – LIVE lunch & learn (via zoom) with Dr. Quintard Taylor. We’ll be discussing The History of Housing Discrimination in Washington State: What Every Realtor Should Know. We hope to build upon the launch of this initial speaker series. Participating offices will receive zoom link soon…

Ok, everyone – I’m no dummy, the sun is out and setting the stage for an incredible looking PNW weekend. Let’s wrap this up and get after it!

All in, for you. All in, for us. All in, for 70+ degree weather!

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