This week | week #3 architecture of resurgence

Hello on a Sunday. Catching up on reading et all from last week and preparing for the week ahead. Before I jump back into my “architecture of resurgence” series in content – an interesting read & perspective from Susanna Ryan, the author of the Seattle Walk Report who put together a viral Instagram post composed of real quotes from Seattleites complaining about Seattle, as featured in news articles and letters to the editor from the last 130 years. *Thank you Sol for the share!

Ps. Seattle wrapped up last week with 75.2% of Seattle residents 12 or older already having received at least one vaccine dose. We are doing our part I’d say! More to come from your offices on what masking looks like inside of the office. We all received the updated Real Estate Covid FAQ Friday afternoon and are putting next plans into place.

Architecture of Resurgence | 5 areas of focus “made visible”


This week I wrapped week #6 of “The Science of Well-Being” class via From my class content I picked up on a subtly that was an ah-ha. The ah-ha concept is called WOOP. What is WOOP? Answer is: a science-based mental strategy that people can use to find and fulfill their wishes (wish, want, need, goal etc…), set preferences, and change their habits. Wish > Outcome > Obstacle > Plan.

Why did is peak my interest so much? Because this strategy brings to light a conscious effort to acknowledge the obstacle(s) in mapping out a plan around a desired outcome. This step (obstacle) I think – in my humble opinion – is missing in many strategies taught. If this peaks your interest – more right here.


I’m running a 10 week series within my offices around tools & marketing – to make a conscious effort to make what we have “more visible” and digestible. Last week’s hour was focused on Moxi Engage. I’m sharing this with you being that “flow” really does start with an organized database. If Moxi Engage is your tool – this hour is for you. I learned a few things too. 55 minute video with “Tuesday with Todd” and me – right here.


When thinking of excellence this week – I have a question for each of us to ponder. Where can we anticipate one more thing when helping a buyer or seller thru their process. I was reminded this week of the power of anticipation – it really is what makes someone great vs good. I’ll leave that right there to ponder.

And oh, here is a first that occurred for me last week in 23 years in real estate! Friday night I received a call from a broker at 8:43pm. She (listing broker) shared with me that at 8:34pm both a withdrawal of offer was delivered (to her) and mutual acceptance was delivered (from her to buyer) = both at 8:34pm! Imagine that! Excellence in that moment was her ability to stay calm (neutral) and realize quickly that it wasn’t so much about – are we in contract? More so, it became the art of identifying how to put the right buyer in contract who really wanted that home. Fortunately there were multiple offers. Well done, Isabelle Dowling! Well done.


Short of drop shipping each of you a crystal ball from my Amazon Prime account – a few possible optics from Windermere Insights: Are There Opportunities Ahead for Beleaguered Buyers?


This week: Tuesday, May 25th 12-1:30pm – LIVE lunch & learn (via zoom) with Dr. Quintard Taylor. We’ll be discussing The History of Housing Discrimination in Washington State: What Every Realtor Should Know. We hope to build upon the launch of this initial speaker series. If you don’t yet have the link – text me – I’ll send it to you. 206.227.7133.

Back to my prep for the week to come. Final round of the PGA on in the background – should be an interesting finish! The game of golf is fascinating to me at this level. My money is on Phil Mickelson becoming the oldest player to win a major.

All in, for you. All in, for us. – Be well, be kind – Laura

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